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Rechargeable floor sweeper
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Floor Sweeper


Congratulations on the purchase of your new appli-
You have clearly decided in favour of a quality
product. These operating instructions are a part of
this product. They contain important information in
regard to safety, use and disposal. Before using the
product, familiarise yourself with all of these opera-
ting and safety instructions. Use the product only as
described and only for the specified areas of appli-
cation. In addition, pass these documents on, together
with the product, to any future owner.

Proper Use

This rechargeable battery floor sweeper is intended
for the sweeping of dry dirt in dry enclosed rooms
and only for private use. It must only be operated
with the enclosed accessories.
The rechargeable battery floor sweeper is not
intended for the sweeping of gravel-faced concrete,
gravel and similar surfaces, not for deeppile carpets
and wet floor coverings or for commercial use. Use
only as described in this manual. Do not allow the
appliance to be used as toy. Do not let children use
this devices unsupervised.

Items supplied

Rechargeable Floor Sweeper
Battery charger with cable
Broomstick (3 Elements)
Operating instructions

Parts Description

Figure A:
³ Broomstick (3 elements)
· Holder
Figure B:
» Switch
¿ Charging socket
´ Charge indicator
Figure C:
² Locking release button
Figure D:
¶ Cover
º Guide attachment (with washer)

Technical data

Battery Charger
Type designation:
Protection class:
Battery brush
Input voltage/current:
Battery - working voltage
Operating time on a full
battery charge
(depending on floor covering) approx. 30 min
Charging time for an empty
- 2 -
100 - 240 V ~
50 / 60 Hz
150 mA
9 V
200 mA
Kings Electric Co. Ltd.
II /
9 V
200 mA
4.8 V
NiMH, Type C
4 x 1.2 V, 1300 mAh
12 - 16 hours.


Table of Contents

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