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Kenwood AMPED XR-S17P Training Manual

7 series, 5 series, excelon series.
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  • Page 4

    “been there, done that” for Kenwood. Most Kenwood receivers and all eXcelon receivers include the kind of features and connectivity you’ve come to expect like WMA, MP3, AAC file compatibility, USB connectivity, front or back aux inputs, and satellite, Bluetooth, and HD Ready.

  • Page 5

    (stereo or mono) can be streamed from one device to another over a Bluetooth connection, like music streamed from a mobile phone to a Kenwood head unit. (All of our 2008 WWW.KENWOODUSA.COM IN-DASH CD RECEIVERS...

  • Page 6

    The ability to have high-speed control of iPods or other music media devices and control them directly from the receiver is a great selling feature. Kenwood saw the value of USB connection long before our competitors got on board, and we offer USB Direct Control on models across the board (not just as a step-up feature).

  • Page 7

    D to A conversion takes place on the high quality D to A converters in the Kenwood head units as opposed to the D to A converter in the iPod. Most other manufacturers are still using the old analog serial bus cables which are not as fast and offer ho-hum sound quality.

  • Page 8

    Eyes on the Road, Hands on the Wheel All 2008 Kenwood models KDC-MP438U and up (and all eXcelon units) include a hard-wired IR input that makes it easy to interface with your customer’s existing steering wheel control. The input interfaces...

  • Page 9

    Take the time to explain this to a customer and it’ll be simple to step them up to a Kenwood eXcelon in-dash receiver.

  • Page 10

    13 digital display, 1-wire iPod connection and 3 4V RCA pre-outs. The KDC-X492 has many of the features of its eXcelon older brothers but is slot-loaded instead of flip down faceplate. Similar to the Kenwood KDC-MP438U, the KDC-X492 has front aux and USB inputs with blue illumination and sliding cover.

  • Page 11

    (96 kbps) MP3, WMA, and AAC files will approach the sound quality of higher bit-rate recordings. Supreme is on all new eXcelon re- ceivers and all Kenwood receivers above the KDC-208. Full Range or Switched—Your Choice The pre-out (rear or single depending on the model) can be full range or switched to accommodate a subwoofer amplifier.

  • Page 12

    Satellite Radio Options Whether your customer is an XM fan or loves Sirius, 2008 Kenwood re- ceivers are ready to play both. All Kenwood eXcelon in-dash CD receiv- ers are satellite radio ready and other than the KDC-MP208 and KDC- 138, all Kenwood in-dash CD receivers are satellite ready as well.

  • Page 13

    “pass-through” for additional devices like satellite radio or a KCA-iP500 iPod interface. It also has a KAB pass through for other KAB devices. The KCA-BT200 Bluetooth unit is compat- ible with all eXcelon models and Kenwood models, with the exception of the KDC-138 and KDC-MP208. Note: The input signal has to be the same as the pass-through. KAB in /KAB out or 5 line in/ 5 Line out. Let’s Talk Parrot...

  • Page 14

    All eXcelon receivers are HD Ready, and with the exception of our KDC-MP208 and KDC- 138, all Kenwood receivers are as well. Combine a Kenwood HD Radio Ready receiver with our KTC-HR200 HD Radio Tuner and customers will experience a new world of digital broadcasting. With HD radio, FM broad- casts sound is close to CD quality and AM broadcasts sounds close to current FM analog.

  • Page 15

    KENWOOD CarPortal™ EXPANSION SOLUTIONS Kenwood believes there are two types of dealers: those who love CarPortal™ and those who will. CarPortal™ Expansion Solutions are putting energy back into the install bay and helping dealers reclaim profit. This year, we’re introducing the KOS-L432 4.3-inch touchscreen.

  • Page 16

    The KOS-V1000 (eXcelon line) includes two USB inputs, 3 sets of 5V pre-outs, 2AV inputs/2 AV outputs, and four relayed outputs (external switches). The KOS-V500 has 1 USB port, 3 sets of 2V pre-outs, 2 AV inputs, 1 AV output and 2 relayed outputs (external switches).

  • Page 17

    USB, video, HD Radio, DVD, etc., via the graphic user interface from the KOS-V1000. The KOS-L432 Space Saver This year, Kenwood introduces the KOS-L432 4.3-inch touch- screen monitor for use with CarPortal™. Paired with CarPortal™ KOS-V1000 or KOS-V500, the KOS-L432 offers direct select of satel- lite radio, iPod, USB, Video, HD Radio, and more. Its compact size makes it ideal for on-dash mounting in smaller vehicles as well as where space for a video monitor is limited.

  • Page 18

    MARINE ENTERTAINMENT Did you know that Kenwood offers a full line of marine receivers, speak- ers and amps? Now you do! We put extensive planning and research in developing a line of marine products specifically for boating enthusiasts. Receivers and Remotes Designed for the rough marine climate, Kenwood marine CD receivers deliver superb audio quality and include conformal-coated PCB for dura- bility and large LED displays.

  • Page 19

    Bluetooth…you have to ask your- self, what’s not inside this box? DNX8120: The Best All-in-One Indash in the Universe There’s some back-patting going on at Kenwood over this year’s eXcelon 8 series, especially the DNX8120. This crazy fresh all-in-one system in- cludes the Bluetooth hands-free cell phone operation, Garmin navigation technology system, and the latest NAVTEQ mapping technology. Com- bined with our easy-to-use GUI, the DNX8120 is perfect for customers looking for an all-in-one solution.

  • Page 20

    (We’ll cover more about the KCA- BT200 later.) (Note: Compatibility may vary. Users should always check their phone and service provider for degree of compatibility. Check the Kenwood website for the latest compatibility chart.) The DDX812 includes the clever entertainment features of the DNX8120 minus the built-in navigation.

  • Page 21

    (8 seconds), or closing the gates (15 seconds). Pattern 1: Carbon-like Pattern 2: Fire line pattern eXcelon and Kenwood DNX and DDX video units have super intuitive touchscreens with three skin patterns. So Easy A Grown-up Can Use It Our 2008 touchscreen interfaces are so easy to use, your technophobic grandmother will be hooked.

  • Page 22

    EQ curve. Access this feature from audio set, go to equalizer, and “paint” your musical preference for front, rear, and center channels. KAB (Kenwood Advanced Bus) A new feature on all new release video pieces is the Kenwood Advanced Bus or KAB. It’s a much faster interface for accessory devices (10 times faster than our 5L bus) and has automatic device recognition. For exam- ple, if you’re installing Sirius Satellite, you no longer need the KCA-SR50...

  • Page 23

    The DNX5120 All-in-One Entertainment/ Navigation has a 6.1” fixed screen, USB Direct Control and is Bluetooth, satel- lite and HD Radio ready. The New Kenwood 5 Series: Tastes Great, Less Filling Even budget-conscious customers can enjoy awesome in-dash video with our new Kenwood 5 Series: the DNX5120, DDX512 and KVT-512. These models offer many of the advanced features of the 7 Series minus a few, so we can pass on the savings.

  • Page 24

    The DDX512 offers the same entertain- ment features of the DNX5120 but does not include a built-in navigation system. It uses a 6.1” fixed touchscreen with cus- tomizable start-up, USB Direct Control, 2V pre-out, and front aux input. The new KVT-512 is a full featured DVD Entertainment System with a 7” motorized touchscreen and Variable Illumination. It also includes USB Direct Control and two sets of (2V) pre-outs with switchable rear/sub and crossover. Other features include a customizable opening screen, and Source Select customization. And here’s a big plus—this unit doesn’t...

  • Page 25

    1 AV input for Kenwood) make Kenwood video the perfect source and controller. For systems without external amps, the internal 50 Watts x 4 MOSFET power amp is ready to take on their speakers. Security Details All Kenwood video receivers have two built-in security features.

  • Page 26

    MOBILE VIDEO WWW.KENWOODUSA.COM Steering Wheel Remote Wire All 2008 Kenwood Video receivers have a dedicated steering wheel remote wire on the main harness. Using a 3rd party inter- face, you can continue to use the factory steering wheel controls, all with just a four-wire hook-up! The interface is easy to program with onboard Kenwood codes, and because there’s no IR Flasher...

  • Page 27

    For mapping updates, the KNA-G510 uses Flash memory not discs, so you never have to worry about changing discs. To purchase map updates visit the Garmin web site and select map updates/Kenwood. Other cutting-edge navigation features include XM NAVTraffic (optional) for live traffic information and XM Satellite entertainment. (Kenwood GXM30 XM tuner and XM subscription required.) An alternative to the XM Live Traffic is the GTM-10 Live Traffic Tuner (subscription required) and receive the same type of traffic information through local FM broad- casts. (Note: 5 Series multi-media products are not compatible with the XM Nav Traffic tuner.)

  • Page 28: Remote Controls

    Remote Controls All eXcelon video receivers and the Kenwood DNX7120 come with an ultra cool 8-direc- tion remote for easy navigation through the screen menus. Navigation mode allows the eXcelon remote to control a connected navi- gation unit (KNA-G510), and the remotes include a Telephone button that answers the phone and can be used for dialing.

  • Page 29

    Fortunately, Kenwood is ahead of the game with a new line of amps that are potent and remarkably small. Different Amps for Different Systems eXcelon and Kenwood offer different amplifiers to fit any vehicle...

  • Page 30

    For power hungry people (you know who you are), the KAC-9104D offers a Dual Mono Drive connection that allows you to strap two KAC-9104D amps together to power a single subwoofer—that’s 1800 Watts of power! Combine this with a Kenwood sub and your system could be banned in several counties. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! Imagine the installation opportunities of a crushingly powerful Class D amp that’s just over 13 inches by 9 inches!

  • Page 31

    By making it possible to use the speaker outputs from a factory radio to drive a power amp, Kenwood makes it easy to upgrade a factory system without rebuilding the dash.

  • Page 32

    Less input current reduces power supply size and generates less waste heat, thus reducing the heat sink size. The amp then converts the amplified signal back to analog. This process allows Class D amps, like the KAC- X1R, KAC-X10D, Kenwood KAC-9104D, and KAC-8104D, to crank more power than Class A/B amps of the same size. Kenwood’s Power Couple More potent than Brad-jolina and Tom-Kat combined, the dual power supply on the KAC-1XR and KAC-X4R provide one power supply for positive current and one power supply for negative current.

  • Page 33

    Think of it as an electronic brake for your subwoofers. Kenwood’s Dual Sigma Drive extends the negative feedback loop out to the speaker output terminals. This makes the feedback loop more accu- rate because it considers all of the impedance-changing devices that are after the output transistor (like crossovers, etc.).

  • Page 34

    High Pass/Low Pass Crossovers All Kenwood amplifiers have built in crossover networks that should be properly set to maximize performance. Not even a Kenwood speaker can cover the entire range of human hearing, so most speakers are de- signed to cover sections of that range.

  • Page 35

    SPEAKERS AND SUBS Kenwood engineers are obsessed with sound, and while this doesn’t lead to a well-balanced life, it does result in some remarkable speak- ers and subs. This year, we’re launching better sounding speakers with smaller mounting depths and factory replacement speakers that offer big sound for small budgets.

  • Page 36

    Kenwood Subwoofers: Success through Excess Kenwood subwoofers offer mega doses of bass as well. Returning champions include the KFC-W3514DVC, KFC-W3011, and the KFC- W2511. New to the lineup is the KSC-SW10 easy-fit sub that’s small enough to fit under car seats and offers up 150 Watts of power.

  • Page 37

    No Customer Left Behind Super-sturdy, super powerful, and priced to please, the KFC-W3011 and KFC-W2511 are a real deal for woofers. The KFC-W2511 is a 10-inch woofer rated at 1000W peak; the KFC-W3011 is a 12-inch sub that can handle 1200W peak input power. These high performance subs feature a single 4-ohm voice coil, titanium coated woofer, and super linear spider. A long stroke design thumps out the low frequency and the silver-plate finish looks very clean installed.

  • Page 38

    Check out the XR-S17P shallow-mount package with 1-9/16” mounting depth and 300 Watts of peak power. The XR-S17P shallow package is one of our best sounding speakers, and it just happens to be our thinnest. With a carbon polypropylene hybrid cone, the XR-S17P has a mounting depth of only 1 9/16”—that’s unheard of at 300W peak power! It also includes a 6x8” plate for use in Ford and Mazda vehicles and a high quality crossover network. Flush Mount Systems The KFC-X172 6¾-inch and KFC-X132 5-inch 2-way flush-mount speak- ers and KFC-X692 6X9 3-way speaker system feature very cool design advantages like the carbon polypropylene hybrid. These speakers share the same cast aluminum baskets as component speakers, with shallow mounting depth that allows for easy fit into import vehicles.

  • Page 39

    Watts RMS and 200 Watts peak. We built these especially for Ford and Mazda, which exclusively adopted this size for both front and rear. With a smooth, elegant black finish, the KFC-P680C is an easy way to get component sound, and the high quality crossover network is built in to the back of the panel. Kenwood’s promotional line speaker systems are priced to sell and in- clude amazing audio technologies seldom seen in this price range—the KFC-1661S 6.5” 3-way system at 35 Watts RMS and 180 peak, the KFC- 1361s 5.25” 3-Way at 28 Watts RMS/150 peak, and the KFC-1061s 4” 3-way at 20 Watts RMS/120 peak. Key features of these 3-way systems include a polypropylene injection cone, ½” Piezo tweeter, and the shal-...

  • Page 40

    THE KFC-P708 & KFC-P508S Both the KFC-P708 and the KFC-P508 component speaker packages are a gigantic sound upgrade from factory components. The KFC-P708 is a 6¾” component with killer features like a polypropylene with fiber texture woofer. The KFC-P508 has equally impressive features in a 5¼” component set. Our engineers pushed the surrounds to the very edge of the basket, making room for an extended cone surface area that is up to 20% larger than previous models. The oversized cone results in deeper bass and increased output, and the woofer cone sur- face is coated with a metallic titanium finish, giving these speakers an...

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    INSTALLERS NOTE: Kenwood woofers are designed primarily for sealed enclosures. Although they will work in a vented box, we recommend a sealed enclosure for maximum performance. Also note that the shallow woofers display graphs only for sealed enclosures. SPEAKERS AND SUBS WWW.KENWOODUSA.COM...

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    APPENDIX Connection Chart Connection Chart - 2008 CD APPENDIX WWW.KENWOODUSA.COM...

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    2008 Multi Media Adaptor/Accessory Chart WWW.KENWOODUSA.COM APPENDIX...

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