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dealer. Be sure to take the time to explain the features of this amazing
piece, like USB Direct Control, System Q-EX, 3 gold-plated RCA pre-
outs (5V) with HPF & LPF, DSP, 4-Band parametric EQ (front & rear),
and 512MB internal storage.
In addition to being the tightest in-dash
receiver ever built, the KDC-X991 can rip
regular CDs to WMA format and copy USB
data to its built-in 512MB flash memory.
A Little DAP Will Do
The KDC-X991's Digital Audio Platform (DAP) lets users tailor the sound
to their car to create an exceptional front soundstage and very well-de-
fined center image. The DSP portion also features audio enhancements
like SRS WOW HD for clarity and acoustic presence, a sound manage-
ment system, 5-channel digital time alignment, and high performance
audio capacitors. Remember, a big bonus of the DAP is that it can rip
regular CDs to WMA format and copy USB data to its built-in 512MB
flash memory. You can do this while you're playing tunes, and you can rip
in real time while you're listening to your music from CD.
Digital SRS WOW offers 10 adjust-
ment levels and enhanced adjust-
ments for TruBass with separate
front and rear settings. Having sepa-
rate front and rear TruBass settings is great for systems with
a subwoofer because it can be used on just the front speak-
ers, creating a strong presence for the bass. This will make the
bass sound more like it's coming from the front of the car, which
integrates the bass better with the rest of the sound.
Time Alignment—Find Your Sweet Spot
You've probably heard the term "sweet spot," which refers to
the most optimum seat or position in which to listen to audio.
The home theater guys have the luxury of space, but a car's
interior is difficult to manipulate to find the sweet spot. Achiev-
ing a good soundstage is tough because some speakers are
close and some are further away. Vocals can smear, and the
soundstage can be undefined or inaccurate. Time Alignment on
the KDC-X991 fixes this and lets you and your customers adjust
their vehicle speaker distance from 0 to 20.3 feet.
able OEL display is a real eye-catcher, especially with Graphic Motion
Analyzer, and it's easy to see even in bright daylight. It projects bright,
vivid colors, responds faster than conventional LCD displays, and OEL
is a very efficient, self-emitting device that will project uniform brightness
across the entire display. Combine the OEL display with our customized
motion graphics and customers see digital images with amazing clarity.
Picture Engine
Customized graphics and
personal photos can be
copied to a USB thumb drive and downloaded on the KDC-
X991 and KDC-X792's displays. We also offer Picture En-
gine that lets customers customize wallpaper on their single
DIN Kenwood displays. The picture engine website is at
The KDC-X991 uses O.D.D. (Offset Dual Differential) that cre-
ates high quality sound by eliminating the digital distortion/noise
in the digital-to-analog converter. O.D.D. uses two sets of 24 bit
D/A converters with one slightly offset. When these signals are
recombined, the digital noise is greatly reduced, making this
one of the best sounding digital-to-analog converters out there.
The Receiver that Swallowed Bluetooth
The KDC-BT838U with built-in Bluetooth module and in-
teractive lighting effect is turning more heads than a swim-
suit model. Beautiful inside and out, the KDC-BT838U
includes our KCA-BT200 Bluetooth hands-free cell phone module with
Parrot technology. All your customer needs is a Bluetooth compatible
phone and away they go.
The KCA-BT200 incorporates Parrot technology that offers some excit-
ing features like A2DP music streaming and text messaging. Nerd of the
year award goes to this acronym, but A2DP is cool. Basically, it's a profile
that defines how high quality audio (stereo or mono) can be streamed
from one device to another over a Bluetooth connection, like music
streamed from a mobile phone to a Kenwood head unit. (All of our 2008
OEL Is Not
Your Average Display
The bright 4096 color customiz-


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents