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System E's + and Electronic Crossovers
To build a cost effective system, power the rear speakers from the in-
dash receiver's speaker outputs with the receiver's high-pass crossover
activated. With the high-pass crossover in the system, the speakers
typically won't need as much power as the front speakers and they'll
play almost twice as loud as they would if they were driven full range.
This lets the customer budget more money for the front and sub ampli-
fiers, giving them a better-performing system all the way around!
Dual Zone Source Control plays different sources through the front
speakers and the rear speakers at the same time, which is perfect for ve-
hicles that have rear-seat video systems. Generally, the in-dash sources
are available to play up front, while any sources connected via the 5-Line
(changer) bus or aux input can play in the rear. Remember that activat-
ing Dual Zone shuts the subwoofer off, and SRS WOW has to be off to
activate Dual Zone. Also, it is possible to reverse the sources (play the
in-dash sources in the rear and the 5-Line/aux input sources in the front)
via the menu system. All 2008 eXcelon receivers come with a remote
with a Dual Zone button and rear volume control.
Handy Remotes
Don't forget about the remote controls included with all
eXcelon receivers and all Kenwood in-dash receivers
except the KDC-138. The grip-type line is ergonomic,
sleek, and just large enough that it won't get swallowed
by car seats. It's a great sales tool, so be sure and have
one handy and let the customer use it.
Most of our 2008 remote models offer a 2-zone button and a volume control
for the rear zone. This feature allows audio from a rear video source to play
through the rear speakers while the driver listens to a different source in the
front. Having the 2-zone and rear volume buttons on the remote is a valuable
feature because the driver doesn't have to search through the menu to turn
the feature on and off. With the remote, it's instant access.
Experience HD Radio
All eXcelon receivers are HD Ready, and with
the exception of our KDC-MP208 and KDC-
138, all Kenwood receivers are as well. Combine a Kenwood HD Radio
Ready receiver with our KTC-HR200 HD Radio Tuner and customers will
experience a new world of digital broadcasting. With HD radio, FM broad-
casts sound is close to CD quality and AM broadcasts sounds close to
current FM analog. HD radio will also display the Artist, Song Title, etc.,
on the receiver's screen.
Perhaps the coolest feature of HD Radio is multi-casting or the ability
to broadcast two or more programs simultaneously. Just as cable TV al-
lowed specialized local networks, multi-casting provides the potential for
stations to offer more niche programming. Multi-casting is a pretty big deal
because it lets stations tailor broadcasts and gives listeners a much big-
ger variety of programs. For instance, a public radio station can broadcast
morning news on one "channel" and classical music programming on an-
other channel. It's the same radio station, the same frequency on the dial,
but multiple options for the listener.
The KTC-HR200 is for use on the 5-Line
for head units and KAB on video units.
It's compatible with HD Multicasting and
has RDS technology.
Most major markets have local stations
already transmitting in HD Radio, which
means your customer is sure to find either
their favorite morning show, local traffic,
or favorite local DJ in crystal-clear digi-
tal. HD Radio programming content is
the same as its analog counterpart and so is the same broadcast frequency,
but its higher-quality sound and reception are available with no service fees.
The KTC-HR200 HD Radio tuner is your customers' gateway to HD
Radio and requires only two connections: a 5-Line cable from the
receiver's changer port (or the KAB adaptor included), and a con-
nection to the vehicle's standard AM/FM antenna. The tuner also
has a pass-through to connect other accessories. Note: the KTC-
HR200 has switches to set it up for either KAB or standard 5 Line
communications. The output can only be used for the same type
of communication the input is set to. (Example: KAB in/KAB out.)
The KTC-HR200 serves as both the analog and digital tuner for the
connected receiver, and it switches seamlessly between both types
of reception as required. The customer can also manually switch
between broadcast reception modes in the in-dash receiver's menu
system: Auto Mode allows the KTC-HR200TR to automatically
switch between analog and digital reception depending on what the
station is broadcasting; Digital Mode will only receive digital signals;
Analog Mode only receives analog signals.
The artist, song title, and other text information that are broadcast
along with the station's content can be shown on the receiver's dis-
play whenever the KTC-HR-200 is receiving a digital signal.
If you have video screens installed for the rear-seat passen-
gers but want to control the system from an in-dash DVD player, the KDV-
412 is a full-featured DVD receiver with 50 x 4 output, CD, MP3 and WMA
playback. It's also compatible with our KCA-BT200.
With Dual Zone capability, you can send a fixed-level audio signal from the
DVD to the back-seat monitors (like our LZ-702IR with built-in IR transmit-
ter), while the front seat enjoys music from satellite radio or an iPod.
Make sure your customers know that Kenwood backs up Kenwood
and eXcelon products with great warranties:
• Kenwood eXcelon in-dash receivers: two years parts & labor
• Kenwood receivers/amps/speakers: 1 year parts & labor
• Kenwood eXcelon power amplifiers: two years parts & labor
• All Kenwood eXcelon speakers: two years parts & labor


Table of Contents

Table of Contents