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No Customer Left Behind
Super-sturdy, super powerful, and priced to please, the KFC-W3011 and
KFC-W2511 are a real deal for woofers. The KFC-W2511 is a 10-inch
woofer rated at 1000W peak; the KFC-W3011 is a 12-inch sub that can
handle 1200W peak input power. These high performance subs feature a
single 4-ohm voice coil, titanium coated woofer, and super linear spider.
A long stroke design thumps out the low frequency and the silver-plate
finish looks very clean installed. The titanium coated polypropylene cone
gives it a nice brushed aluminum look, while a high-roll rubber surround
design adds rigidity to the cone's top edge and provides a large contact
area so the cone/surround stays together, even when bass crazy cus-
tomers get greedy.
Rated at 300/250 Watts RMS, 1200/1000
peak, the KFC-W3011 and KFC-W2511
offer clean, loud and powerful bass.
Other features include a reversible trim ring that lets you pull off the front
and mount it on the back, depending if you're mounting cone out or bas-
ket out. Push terminals on the back will take up to an 8-gauge wire, and
these subs are easier on installers because they can simply push and
release the speaker terminals.
A little bling on back!
The silver-plated
push terminals on the
KFC-W3011 and KFC-
W2511 will take up to
an 8-gauge wire.
Happy Little Thumpers
The KSC-WD250, KSC-W250T and KSC-SW10 compact subs are a quick
and easy way to add bass to just about any system. Our new KSC-SW10
5 x 7" compact powered subwoofer includes a 5 x7" dual voice coil Woofer,
5 x 7" passive radiator woofer, speaker level input and a remote control.
The KSC-WD250 10-inch powered subwoofer works perfectly with a
highly efficient 200 Watt Class D amplifier. The KSC-WD250T is a 10-inch
powered subwoofer with a dual voice coil, bass reflex enclosure, and a
Class D amplifier circuit. This sub is similar to the KSC-WD250 but has
a smaller enclosure, which makes it ideal for trucks, hatchbacks and any
other places where space is a premium.
Don't forget to give your subwoofers plenty of power. Make sure to
use a good subwoofer amplifier and large gauge power and ground
cables. Subwoofer amplifiers draw a lot of current, so you might
want to look at very efficient Class D type amplifiers like the Ken-
wood KAC-9104D or KAC-X10D.
eXcelon Speakers—An Ear's Best Friend
Two new component speakers make it to the eXcelon line: the XR-S17P
slim package and the KFC-X1720P. With peak power at 270 Watts, the eX-
celon KFC-X1720P component speaker system includes high-end features
like a cast aluminum basket and crossovers with Zobel networks. What's so
great about Zobel networks? We love 'em because they keep ohm imped-
ance constant. This means the amplifier never sees an ohm load fluctuation
and allows the amp to run cooler and with less distortion. In addition, this
year's package requires less mounting depth than last year and it's a direct
fit on Ford, GM, and Honda.
The KFC-X1720P, S17P and the KFC-P series incorporate a new
component tweeter installation that offers a lot of flexibility. Three
types of tweeter mounting are available: flush mount, surface
mount and factory location. A swivel function is also available in
flush mounting.
New Component
Tweeter Installation
In 2008 new model, three
types of tweeter mounting
are available. (Previous
models had only two types.)
Flush Mount
To install the tweeter using
surface and factory location
Push the tweeter
unit to the end.
Oh, it'll fit. Slip the
KSC-SW10 compact
sub underneath
the seat and shake
things up with 150
Watts of power.
Surface Mount
Factory Location
While pushing the unit,
Remove the unit
turn left to the stopper.
from flush bracket.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents