The Dr. Phil Of Aux Inputs; Multi-Control Wheel; Eyes On The Road, Hands On The Wheel - Kenwood AMPED XR-S17P Training Manual

7 series, 5 series, excelon series
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It's Lava Lamp Kind of Cool
Kenwood models with 3-line full dot display (KDC-
BT838U and KDC-MP538U) include an interactive
illumination that gives the radio a smooth, relaxing
blue glow. (This feature is actually on all radios from
the 5 series up; however, the 5 and 8 series have
more illumination.) It not only looks cool in dash and on the sales floor, it
enhances user operation by illuminating each time you turn the volume,
track forward or backward, etc. If lighting isn't your customer's thing, you
can adjust the setting in the standby mode menu. Blue illumination is also
offered on the KDC-MP438U and KDC-X492 surrounding the front USB
and aux input ports (a handy feature while driving at night).
Interactive Lighting
The lights surrounding the knobs flash when
operating. Just the knob being used flashes.
Found on models 5 series and higher (except KDC-X991)
These lights can be turned off
The lights surrounding the knobs flash (5 seconds) when in
modes or operating. Just the knob being used flashes.
All Kenwood and eXcelon in-dash CD re-
ceivers include either front aux or back aux
inputs. Rear Aux inputs are for customers
who prefer a cleaner look and would rather
tuck their media devices in the glove box than connect it directly to the
front of the receiver. Customers love the aux input feature because it
offers so much flexibility when connecting auxiliary audio devices like
iPods, MP3 players, video game systems, rear-seat video systems, and

The Dr. Phil of Aux Inputs

Our Aux connections are sensitive and can change the volume or input
level according to the device being plugged into the radio. The output
levels of most portable devices connected to the aux terminal are low
because they are adjusted for headphones. In order to re-adjust this, we
added an input sensitivity adjustment function. This allows the input to be
gained up or down to match other sources. How's that working for ya?
Previous Flip Models
Previous models had two motions for opening the panel.
2008 Flip Models
This year's flip models have only one motion for the opening panel.
New Mechanism to Flip Over
Kenwood and eXcelon 2008 models with flip down removable
faceplates are redesigned for quick and easy removal. Our pre-
vious models had two motions for opening the panel; 2008 units
only have only one motion. It's quieter and smoother too!

Multi-Control Wheel

All eXcelon receivers and Kenwood receivers from the
KDC-MP438U utilize an easy to operate multi-control
knob. On the KDC-X492 and KDC-MP438U, it's com-
bined with the volume control. On receivers above
these models, it functions as a separate knob. Search by turning the
knob/jog, then push in the knob. It's very easy and intuitive!

Eyes on the Road, Hands on the Wheel

All 2008 Kenwood models KDC-MP438U and up (and all eXcelon
units) include a hard-wired IR input that makes it easy to interface with
your customer's existing steering wheel control. The input interfaces
with the PAC (SWI-JAK) and Peripheral steering wheel control adapters


Table of Contents

Table of Contents