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7 series, 5 series, excelon series
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The DDX512 offers the same entertain-
ment features of the DNX5120 but does
not include a built-in navigation system.
It uses a 6.1" fixed touchscreen with cus-
tomizable start-up, USB Direct Control,
2V pre-out, and front aux input.
The new KVT-512 is a full featured DVD Entertainment System with a 7"
motorized touchscreen and Variable Illumination. It also includes USB
Direct Control and two sets of (2V) pre-outs with switchable rear/sub and
crossover. Other features include a customizable opening screen, and
Source Select customization. And here's a big plus—this unit doesn't
have a hideaway box so installation is a breeze.
KVT-819DVD and KVT-719DVD
These two beauties carry over from last year with software updates for
newer iPods. Both include superb video images and intuitive touch-
screens and are packed technologies like two USB Direct control ports
on the KVT-819DVD—one for Direct iPod audio/video control and the
other for almost any type of USB mass storage device. Other features
include two External Switch control outputs (KVT-819DVD) for triggering
electronic devices like rear seat monitors, under car lighting, or even
garage door openers! These models also include advanced performance
features like 24-bit high-resolution DAC, System E's+/System Q-EX and
Dual Zone capability.
For the ultimate in recorded sound, all 8 series models
can play DVD-Audio discs, the format of choice for au-
diophiles. In 2-channel playback mode, DVD-Audio discs feature a 24-bit
resolution and a sampling rate of up to 192 kHz (vs. a 16-bit, 44 kHz sam-
pling rate of a standard CD) resulting in a stunning clarity and realism.
RDS (Radio Data System) with RT+
A feature on all eXcelon video units and the DNX7120,
RDS allows small amounts of digital information to be
carried over conventional FM radio broadcasts. Ken-
wood has adopted the latest version of RDS with RT+,
which gives radio stations a lot of flexibility. RDS with RT+ can broadcast
information like artist, album, song title, call-in numbers for talk shows or
contests, and more.


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents