In-Dash Cd Receivers - Kenwood AMPED XR-S17P Training Manual

7 series, 5 series, excelon series
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Listen closely. You can almost hear the competition sweating it out. With
better receivers priced below $250 (where most of the business is), we're
squishing the other guys like bugs, and connectivity features they're just
rolling out are "been there, done that" for Kenwood.
Most Kenwood receivers and all eXcelon receivers include the kind of
features and connectivity you've come to expect like WMA, MP3, AAC
file compatibility, USB connectivity, front or back aux inputs, and satellite,
Bluetooth, and HD Ready. Heck, even our entry-level Kenwood models
include front Aux and RCA pre-outs with crossovers. This year, we're
tilting the scales with things like built-in Bluetooth and wireless music
streaming, FL full-dot displays with four lines of text, interactive lighting,
and 1-wire iPod connection.
Selling CD Receivers is all about
connectivity, and
like Kenwood!
Bonus Round!
has aux inputs, 50W x 4 MOSFET power, at least one set of RCA pre-
outs, and low-pass filters.
Salute the KDC-X991 and KDC-BT838U Flagships!
The KDC-X991 is back by popular demand with a modification that will
allow the unit to accept our new 1-wire iPod connection (we'll cover the
1-wire iPod connection later). This all-digital platform receiver is for cus-
tomers who crave high-end audio and rely on the advice of a trusted
In case your boss gives you a pop quiz, here's
a little cheat sheet for 2008 Kenwood receivers:
• Built-in Bluetooth module (KDC-BT838U)
• All Models with USB Direct Control have 1-wire iPod connection
• Bluetooth compatibility with A2DP music streaming
(KDC-MP238 and up)
• Aux input on all units, front aux on entry level units
(customers love that!)
• Interactive lighting effect (KDC-MP538U and up)
• Steering wheel remote control interface
(KDC-MP438U and up)
• New flip face mechanism (KDC-MP638U and up)
• 3-line full dot displays (KDC-BT838U, KDC-MP538U)
Key features to remember about
2008 eXcelon receivers:
• USB Direct Control and 1-wire iPod connection
• High voltage pre-outs (front , rear and sub)
• System Q-EX/E's+
• Bluetooth compatibility with music streaming
• Steering wheel control interface
• Blue Illumination Effect
• 24-bit D to A converters
• New flip face mechanism (KDC-X991 is motorized)
• Graphic Motion Analyzer (KDC-X991 and KDC-X792)
• 2-year warranty
Don't forget that every receiver in our 2008 line-up


Table of Contents

Table of Contents