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7 series, 5 series, excelon series
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Check out the XR-S17P
shallow-mount package with
1-9/16" mounting depth and
300 Watts of peak power.
The XR-S17P shallow package is one of our best sounding speakers,
and it just happens to be our thinnest. With a carbon polypropylene
hybrid cone, the XR-S17P has a mounting depth of only 1 9/16"—that's
unheard of at 300W peak power! It also includes a 6x8" plate for use in
Ford and Mazda vehicles and a high quality crossover network.
Flush Mount Systems
The KFC-X172 6¾-inch and KFC-X132 5-inch 2-way flush-mount speak-
ers and KFC-X692 6X9 3-way speaker system feature very cool design
advantages like the carbon polypropylene hybrid. These speakers share
the same cast aluminum baskets as component speakers, with shallow
mounting depth that allows for easy fit into import vehicles.
The KFC-X1710 is a high performance 2-way system that features the
same 6¾" midrange driver, and a spacing adapter is included so the
speakers fit in standard 6½" applications.
Notice the tweeter on the KFC-X1710
is suspended in mid air with the bridge
support. The dust cap on the midrange
driver is a cloth material and is used
to tune the midrange driver for best
sound quality.
eXcelon Shallow Speaker/Comparison
2-Ohm Drive
The KFC-X1710 and KFC-X1720P are 2-ohm drive, so you're going
to maximize the power output of the full-range amps that drive these
speakers. The 2-ohm design will give you more headroom, more dy-
namics, and a lot more "loud." Both models are a great solution for
replacing factory speakers, and they make good factory replacement
speakers in OEM systems where the speakers are 2 ohm. We strong-
ly recommend using external amps on these speakers because a 50
X 4 chip's not going to cut it.
The KFC-X1720P and KFC-X1710 use 2 Ohm
drive and serve up 220/270 Watts of power
handling. The 2-ohm drive will maximize
the power from external amps.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents