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You Can Bank On
With the exception of
price, there's nothing moder-
ate about our new Performance
Series speakers. Five new models fill in
the gap for customers who want to replace
their factory speakers but won't go beyond a
hundred bucks.
The KFC-1682ie, KFC-1382ie and KFC-1082ie are seriously tight 3-way
speakers. Listen to them and you'll notice higher performance than
any speaker in this price range. Secret ingredients include fiber texture
polypropylene cones that are stronger and lighter than conventional dia-
phragms and produce smoother and more natural-sounding mid-bass
response. The Performance Series speakers also include our third-gen-
eration Image Enhancer tweeter technology (IE-3) with wider mid and
high-frequency dispersion for better imaging and soundstage.
The KFC-6972ie and KFC-6982ie are
5-way and 4-way 6 x 9s that will blow
the socks off other speakers in their
price range.
New Image Enhancer III
Our engineers keep improving the Image Enhancer technology, and this
year's line includes patented Image Enhancer III. Image Enhancer elimi-
nates diffraction, creating clear, detailed sound even for listeners who
aren't sitting directly in front of the speaker.
Image Enhancer incorporates a tweeter bezel that's precisely curved to
reduce diffraction. In fact, they're curved with two different radii so they
reduce diffraction over a very wide range of frequencies. By eliminat-
ing most of this destructive interference, we've evened-out the high-
frequency response and increased high-frequency dispersion, so Image
Enhancer speakers have amazing clarity without harshness, even when
you're listening off-axis.
The KFC-P680C 6x8 is
an easy fit for Ford/Mazda.
Upgrades for Ford and Mazda
The KFC-P680C is an easy fit 6 X 8 speaker system that provides 65
Watts RMS and 200 Watts peak. We built these especially for Ford and
Mazda, which exclusively adopted this size for both front and rear. With
a smooth, elegant black finish, the KFC-P680C is an easy way to get
component sound, and the high quality crossover network is built in to
the back of the panel.
Kenwood's promotional line speaker systems are priced to sell and in-
clude amazing audio technologies seldom seen in this price range—the
KFC-1661S 6.5" 3-way system at 35 Watts RMS and 180 peak, the KFC-
1361s 5.25" 3-Way at 28 Watts RMS/150 peak, and the KFC-1061s 4"
3-way at 20 Watts RMS/120 peak. Key features of these 3-way systems
include a polypropylene injection cone, ½" Piezo tweeter, and the shal-
low mounting depth which are GM 6¾" size compatible.


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents