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7 series, 5 series, excelon series
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The KDC-MP538U and KDC-MP438U
are moderately priced models that
offer USB Direct Control, 1-Wire iPod
connection, and 3 RCA preouts. A
unique feature of the KDC-MP438U is
the front USB and aux in with blue
illumination and sliding cover. The
KDC-MP538U uses 3-line full dot
display, while the KDC-MP438U has
a 14 segment, 13-digit display.
Moderately Priced and Still Loaded
Four entry-level receivers are great buys for customers who want an ex-
cellent unit but can't fork out much cash. The KDC-138 CD receiver has a
front-panel aux input with sensitivity control, subwoofer level control with
bass boost, and even an RCA pre-out that can be used as a full range or
subwoofer output. Its bigger brother, the KDC-MP208 WMA/MP3/CD re-
ceiver, has front panel aux input with sensitivity control, subwoofer level
control with bass boost, RCA pre-out, and includes a remote control. The
KDC-MP208 also includes a 14 segment 8-digit display.
The KDC-MP338 and KDC-MP238 have two RCA preouts and are
Satellite, HD Radio, and Bluetooth Ready. Both have external media
control so you can play and control your iPod with the KCA-iP500 iPod
interface and include Supreme technology for compressed audio files.
The KDC-MP338 even comes with blue illumination around the front
aux input.
Priced to sell, the KDC-MP338 and
KDC-238 are satellite, HD Radio and
Bluetooth Ready.
For customers who want a great radio
at a penny-pincher's price, our 2008
receiver line includes the KDC-MP208
and KDC-138. Both have a front-mounted
stereo mini aux input for connection to
external audio sources or an iPod and
both offer up 50 Watts x 4 MOSFET power.
Supreme Technology
An exclusive Kenwood technology, Supreme brings
sparkle back to compressed music files by restoring the critical high-
frequency information lost during the compression process. With the Su-
preme function turned on (it's selectable in the setup Menu), your lower
bit-rate (96 kbps) MP3, WMA, and AAC files will approach the sound
quality of higher bit-rate recordings. Supreme is on all new eXcelon re-
ceivers and all Kenwood receivers above the KDC-208.
Full Range or Switched—Your Choice
The pre-out (rear or single depending on the model) can be full range
or switched to accommodate a subwoofer amplifier. The output has a
selectable low-pass crossover so that if the amp doesn't have it, or you'd
like to tune the system from the driver's seat, now you can. The advan-
tage is you can add a subwoofer amp and control it from the radio. This
subwoofer out also includes a level adjustment, so the subwoofer volume
can be adjusted from the radio, too.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents