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can be stored into memory and changed at will. Because these monitors
feature a widescreen display, digital photos and images in widescreen
work best. Images can be deleted individually to free up room for ad-
ditional wallpaper. Pictures sized to 480 x 260 seem to work best and fill
the screen. Tip: On 2008 models press the "SOURCE SELECT" for
3 seconds and the icons will be removed from the screen. Touch
the screen again and the icons will reappear.
The following chart is a handy guide to finding the best picture size.
Audio Geek Heaven
For your audiophile customers, the 8 Series offers a customizable EQ
feature that allows users to customize audio setup based on a 13-band
EQ curve. Access this feature from audio set, go to equalizer, and "paint"
your musical preference for front, rear, and center channels.
KAB (Kenwood Advanced Bus)
A new feature on all new release video pieces is the Kenwood Advanced
Bus or KAB. It's a much faster interface for accessory devices (10 times
faster than our 5L bus) and has automatic device recognition. For exam-
ple, if you're installing Sirius Satellite, you no longer need the KCA-SR50
interface box but simply the CA-SR20 cable. (Don't worry, our accessories
like Bluetooth/Sirius/XM and HD radio will all support both connections.)
We believe KAB is a giant step toward future expansion and will even-
tually transition all of our products to this new communication system.
For now, it can only be found on the 2008 double DIN and the KVT-512
multimedia products.
USB Options
You can use the rear-panel USB connection for either a USB device
or iPod with the KCA-iP300V cable. When using the KCA-iP300V, the
USB is used in conjunction with two mini-jack (1/8") connections for
Direct USB Control of Video iPods. The USB always stays "hot" when
the unit is on, so when it's not in use it can charge portable electronics
like cell phones, PDAs or a Bluetooth headset.
Our CA-U1EX USB mounting/extension kit lets you put a USB port
just about anywhere your customer's heart desires. Mount it in the
dash, under the dash—the possibilities are endless! The kit comes
with a flush-mount bezel, which is cool when you see
it installed, and an under dash mount. There's
USB-to-USB and a USB-mini-to-USB 1
meter cable, so it will work with just
about any cord combination.
Behold the next generation all-in-one
entertainment/navigation system, the
Kenwood 7 Series
(We made the DNX7100 Even Better)
Last year's DNX7100 all-in-one entertainment/navigation system was the
industry golden boy with sales that exceeded all expectations. Of course,
we improved this already popular platform with the DNX7120. The new
unit carries over all the fun features on the DNX7100 and includes new
front panel cosmetics and enhanced GUIs functions.
With a built-in Garmin Navigation board, the DNX7120 uses NAVTEQ
mapping technology for premium-quality map data. The system also
uses flash memory for mapping so there are no discs to worry about,
and it allows mapping upgrades through an SD card. Other navigation
features include XM NAVTraffic (optional) for live traffic information and
XM Satellite entertainment. (Kenwood GXM30 XM tuner and XM sub-
scription required.) XM NAVTraffic displays real-time traffic conditions
and suggests alternative routing. The DNX7120 also includes RDS-TMC
(optional) for live traffic information through local FM broadcasts (Ken-
wood GTM10 tuner and subscription required).
There are tons of entertainment features starting with a 6.95-inch video
touchscreen with simple controls and expanded screen with reverse-tilt
auto slide mechanism. The DNX7120 offers drivers visual simplicity and
one-touch control over USB storage devices, including iPod music and
video, and is Bluetooth compatible (KCA-BT200 unit required) for hands-
free cell phone conversation and touchscreen operation. This unit is also
RT+ compatible so it allows FM radio to show the text information that is
most popular with consumers, such as artist and title information.
Digital file friendly, the DNX7120 plays MPEG 1 & 2, JPEG, MP3, WMA,
MPEG-4, AAC, and DivX, while the 6.95" video touchscreen allows sim-
ple control of DVDs, CDs, and VCDs. An expanded screen with reverse-
tilt mechanism provides a stunning viewing area for movies, navigation
and photos and one-touch control over USB storage devices, including
iPod music and video.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents