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Amplifiers go a long way in improving the overall performance of any
audio system, and Kenwood is the leader in amp technology. With gas
prices climbing, smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles are working their
way into the install bay—good for the environment (hooray!), hard on
the mobile electronics specialist trying to squeeze in an amp or two.
Fortunately, Kenwood is ahead of the game with a new line of amps
that are potent and remarkably small.
Different Amps for Different Systems
eXcelon and Kenwood offer different amplifiers to fit any vehicle
and system configuration:
Class D Mono Power Amp: Designed for subwoofers,
Class D amps offer big power and are less demanding on
electrical systems.
Class D 4-channel Amp: This digital 4-channel amp is
small, efficient, and produces high power. Use this to run
all your full range speakers.
Class A/B 4-channel Amp: This amp is flexible and can
be used to run four full range speakers or a sub and two
full range speakers.
Class A/B 2-channel or Stereo/Bridgeable Amp:
A great amp for a pair of front speakers, or bridge it to
a subwoofer.
Honey, I Shrunk the Amps
New Kenwood amps pack power into a much smaller chassis size—up
to 44% smaller than previous models—and include the KAC-9104D and
KAC-8104D Class D Mono power amps, the KAC-8404 4/3/2-channel
power amp and the KAC-7204 stereo/bridgeable amp.
These amps are a serious break-through in technology, but how did we
squeeze all that juice into a smaller chassis? For starters, engineers
moved the transistors and fixed them directly to the heat sink, which
helps dissipate heat better. They also expanded the path of airflow by
going from one larger fan to two smaller ones. Two fans mean two paths
of airflow, which dramatically improves distribution of cool air. This and
other design evolutions result in amplifiers as powerful as their bigger
ancestors but smaller and more adaptable to new environments.
You'll also notice a redesigned cover with blue illumination that looks
great installed, and we've added signal sensing turn-on and bass boost
control to all four models.
Class D Prize Fighters
The KAC-9104D and KAC-8104D are 30% and 33% smaller than last
year's models. The KAC-9104D is 500 Watts X 1 @ 4 ohms and is 1-ohm
stable. The KAC-8104D is 300 Watts x 1 @ 4 ohms. Key features of both
include built-in variable low-pass filter, built-in infrasonic filter, signal sens-
ing turn-on, blue illumination, speaker level input, and bass boost (up to
+18 dB of boost at 40Hz).


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents