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The next generation of affordable
eXcelon is the KDC-X492 that includes
a USB Direct Control, 1-wire iPod
connection and illuminated front USB
port and aux input.
KDC-X492: Amazing and Moderately Priced
Last year's KDC-X491 was a big hit with dealers because it offered many
eXcelon step-up features at a price that attracted a broader range of
customers. This year we're introducing the KDC-X492 with a 14 seg-
ment 13 digital display, 1-wire iPod connection and 3 4V RCA pre-outs.
The KDC-X492 has many of the features of its eXcelon older brothers
but is slot-loaded instead of flip down faceplate. Similar to the Kenwood
KDC-MP438U, the KDC-X492 has front aux and USB inputs with blue
illumination and sliding cover.
Activating Aux Inputs on 2008 Receivers
The aux input comes in the OFF position from the factory and will
not be seen as a SOURCE until activated. All aux inputs (RCA
type or 3.5mm type) need to be turned on. When the aux input is
activated, it will appear as a SOURCE along with Tuner, CD, or
SAT. For example:
To Activate the aux input:
1. Push the SRC button until the unit is in STANDBY mode.
2. Hold down the MENU button until the MENU is accessed.
3. Use the multi jog control to toggle up or down until AUX Off appears.
4. Press the multi jog control to the right until AUX On appears.
5. Press the SRC button.
*Head-units with Soft key interface use the Function button to access the menu.
To Adjust aux input volume:
The aux input can be decreased -8dB or increased +15dB to com-
pensate for wide range of voltage and output by portable devices.
1. Press the SRC button until AUX appears.
2. Press and HOLD the Volume knob in until the Audio settings appear.
3. Use the multi control wheel jog to toggle up or down until V Offset
4. Turn the Volume knob until the desired increase or decrease is reached.
5. Press any preset to exit.
AUX 1 and Aux 2
Aux 1 activates the aux in with no adjustments made to it. Aux
2 has the attenuation volume reduction engaged when the user
switches between sources. This is to reduce noise if a device is
not connected to the aux input. You must press the Att button to
reactivate the aux input after it is chosen as a source to listen to
the device.
Kenwood Receivers: We'll Take Them All On!
There's a Kenwood receiver for any budget, from the KDC-BT838U Ad-
vanced USB, AAC, WMA, MP3, CD receiver with built-in Bluetooth, to
the easy-in KDC-138 CD receiver with front aux in. Models with USB
Direct Control have 1-wire iPod connection, and Bluetooth compatible
head units are ready for our new hands-free cell phone unit with A2DP
music streaming. Interactive illumination can be found on several 2008
models, and we even added a steering wheel remote control interface on
the KDC-MP438U and up.
Our KDC-MP738U includes a 64-color full dot display, USB Direct Con-
trol, 1 Wire iPod direct Connection, Supreme technology for compressed
audio, Kenwood's Music Editor for PC, and a multi-function control wheel
that makes finding your entertainment easier than ever.
One of the lowest priced receivers
with a high-resolution display, the
KDC-MP738U features the Multi-Control
wheel for easy operation and plays
AAC, MP3, and WMA files.
The KDC-MP638U includes the features
of the KDC-MP738U but uses a 4-tone full
dot high-resolution mono color display.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents