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Sure Beats Dialing from A Cell Phone!
Bluetooth technology really shines on our video monitors because it offers
customers so much freedom and ease of use. Features of the KCA-BT200
Bluetooth hands-free cell phone module are built into the DNX8120 and
DNX812. Both units offer hands-free cell phone operation with voice di-
aling, even in noisy surroundings, and users can text message directly
through the touchscreens. All your customer needs is a Bluetooth com-
patible phone and they're on their way. (We'll cover more about the KCA-
BT200 later.)
(Note: Compatibility may vary. Users should always check their phone
and service provider for degree of compatibility. Check the Kenwood website for the latest
compatibility chart.)
The DDX812 includes the clever
entertainment features of the DNX8120
minus the built-in navigation.
Customers who like the entertainment features of the DNX8120 and the
built-in Bluetooth but are not into the whole Nav thing (or already have
a portable navigation system) should check out the DDX812. Like the
DNX8120, it has a 6.95" fully-motorized touchscreen with reverse tilt, new
GUI with changeable skin and a customizable start-up screen.
The DNX8120 also caters to cus-
tomers who appreciate high quality
audio features like 5.1 (5V) pre-
outs for Dolby and dts surround,
digital time alignment, and a unique
EQ feature that allows you to paint
your EQ curve right on the interac-
tive touchscreen.
Both the DNX8120 and DDX812 incorporate new front panel cosmet-
ics that look very sleek installed, and the touchscreen controls and on-
screen menu system are easy to operate.
The Fastest Connection Available
(We love saying that)
Kenwood's high-speed USB interface offers super
fast access to iPods and other portable music devices. All 2008 eXcelon
and Kenwood monitors have rear-mounted USB inputs (2 inputs for eX-
celon) accessed via a one-meter pigtail cable. Our USB 2.0 Direct Con-
nection has a data rate of 12MB/bps (way faster than conventional serial
connections), and Kenwood's USB Direct Control can play almost any
music format and almost any USB mass storage device. It even charges
the device's battery!
Remember that iPod High Speed control (and the ability to control iPod
functions via the monitor) refers to fifth generation (Nano and iPod Video
released after September 2005) devices. Kenwood multimedia units will
play and control video files on the New Nano, Classic and the iPod Vid-
eo. Most customers will have newer iPods but save yourself from "angry
guy" and make compatibility clear up front. Go to for
firmware upgrades and iPod compatibility charts. (Important Note: If your
customer has iPod Touch, it will play audio only.)
Our video monitors let you browse the contents of your iPod without inter-
rupting current song/video playback (multi-taskers will love this). Use the
easy scroll bar to flip through your files page by page, or just slide your fin-
ger down the bar to find music at a specific point. Although video playback
on the monitor is restricted while the vehicle is in motion, you can control all
video functions and the signal can be output for the backseat monitors.
To enjoy high-speed iPod control of video files, customers need
to purchase our KCA-iP300V iPod cable. This inexpensive
cable has a 30-pin cable and terminates at the monitor by USB
and includes two mini jacks. Kenwood offers one of the few sys-
tems on the market that offers full control over iPod video files
from the touchscreen. Most other systems require you to start
the files from the iPod. Simply connect the iPod to the USB and
two separate mini-jack inputs, one for audio and the other for
video. This multi-wire scheme
lets you control and
charge the iPod, play
back audio and video
files, and even displays
multi-line text with album
artwork on-screen.


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents