1-Wire High Speed Ipod Control - Kenwood AMPED XR-S17P Training Manual

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Bluetooth Ready receivers have music streaming capability, which we'll
cover in the section on our new KCA-BT200 hands-free unit.)
The KDC-BT838U includes an external microphone that can be mounted
away from noisy dashboards. Some radios have the microphones built
into the face of the radio where it can pick up ambient noises like heater/
AC vents. And don't forget to remind customers that many states are
cracking down on using hand-held cell phones while driving, making the
KDC-BT838U an ideal all-in-one unit.
Other features you'll find on the KDC-BT838U include 3-line text, full
dot display, interactive illumination effect, spectrum analyzer, USB Direct
Control, 1-wire iPod connection, Kenwood Music Editor, 3 RCA pre-outs
(2.5V) and a multi-control wheel that makes finding music fast and easy.
It's A Better Way to Play
The ability to have high-speed control of iPods or
other music media devices and control them directly
from the receiver is a great selling feature. Kenwood saw the value of USB
connection long before our competitors got on board, and
we offer USB Direct Control on models across the board (not
just as a step-up feature). Front or rear-mounted USB inputs
are on all 2008 eXcelon head units and Kenwood receivers
offer this feature on the KDC-MP438U up.
In addition, Kenwood's USB Control is the speediest connection in town
(12 MB/bps). Be careful, however, to inform customers that our USB
High Speed Control (and the ability to control iPod functions through the
receiver), refers to fifth generation (Nano) devices that have adopted a
USB "control" protocol. Most customers will have newer 5Gs; however,
customers with older iPods should know the facts.

1-Wire High Speed iPod Control

All Kenwood and eXcelon head units with USB Direct Control include our
new 1-wire iPod connection feature. Our training crew is giddy about this
one because 1-wire iPod connection allows customers to use the USB
cable that comes with their iPod. Now you can tell Mr. "I'm not buying any-
thing extra" that when he purchases a 2008 Kenwood or eXcelon receiver
with USB Direct Control, he can plug in his iPod and control it directly from
the receiver. No fuss, no muss! No extra do-dads or cables to buy—just
the receiver and that little white iPod USB cable that came in the fancy
iPod box. Again, be sure to remind customers that this feature only works
on the newer (5th generation) iPods. No special downloads are required
but customers should make sure the software on their iPod is up to date.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents