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Paired with a Bluetooth-enabled cell-phone (you can pair up to five dif-
ferent phones), the KCA-BT200 lets you make and receive phone calls
directly from the in-dash touchscreen display. Dial out (when parked, of
course) using the on-screen Direct Dial keypad, or download the ad-
dress book from your phone to search by name or number. You can even
program pre-sets for frequently used contacts. Onscreen icons indicate
system status, cellular network signal strength, and even battery level
remaining, all while the cell phone is still tucked away in a pocket, purse,
briefcase, or backpack. (Note: A Bluetooth Connectivity Chart is included
in the Appendix section in the back of the manual.)
eXcelon's DNX8120 and DDX812 have the
Bluetooth modules built-in. All other 2008
Video units are Bluetooth compatible!
Safer Cells
Remember, states are becoming less tolerant of drivers talking
from their hand-held cell phones. The DNX8120, DDX812, and
any of our Bluetooth compatible video units are great solutions
for blabby drivers.
Steering Wheel Remote Wire
All 2008 Kenwood Video receivers have a dedicated steering
wheel remote wire on the main harness. Using a 3rd party inter-
face, you can continue to use the factory steering wheel controls,
all with just a four-wire hook-up! The interface is easy to program
with onboard Kenwood codes, and because there's no IR Flasher
to mount, you'll save install time.
Universal Frame for Double DIN
Not all double-DIN sized openings are created equal. That's why we
package our double din monitors with exclusive Universal Frame instal-
lation panel. Designed with new GM and Toyotas in mind (the two biggest
car manufacturers using double-DIN), this unique over-sized trim bezel
frame can be trimmed to fit your specific installation. Now, it's easier than
ever to get a custom looking install without extensive fabrication.
Display Monitors: LZ-702IR & LZ702W
These two monitors may look identical, but the LZ-702IR and the
LZ702W address two entirely different video solutions. The LZ-702IR
is a 6.95" back-seat entertainment screen. The 336,960-pixel display is
perfect for headrest installations and includes a custom headrest mount-
ing trim bezel. The unit features two AV inputs and a built-in 2-channel
IR transmitter for use with IR wireless headphones (like our KHP-IR70).
Auto Dimmer control means the picture stays bright during daylight but
dims at night so it's easier on the eyes.
The LZ-702W 6.95" touchscreen monitor has an RGB navigation input
and built-in speaker, so it's a perfect match with the KNA-G510 as a
stand-alone navigation unit. The LZ-702W comes supplied with both flush
mount trim bezel and dash-mounting bracket.


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents