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Kenwood engineers are obsessed with sound, and while this doesn't
lead to a well-balanced life, it does result in some remarkable speak-
ers and subs. This year, we're launching better sounding speakers
with smaller mounting depths and factory replacement speakers that
offer big sound for small budgets. Of course, both eXcelon and Ken-
wood subwoofers register on the Richter scale, and our famous woofer
graphs are included at the end.
Performance Enhancing Subs
eXcelon earth-shakers include four new dual voice coil models that will
blow other manufacturers into yesterday's news. The KFC-XW1224D
and KFC-XW1222D are 12-inch mammoths that handle 2000 Watts of
pure power. The KFC-XW1024D and KFC-XW1022D 10-inchers share
the same features and handle 1600 Watts of power. These subs are
dual voice coil designs: 4 + 4 ohm and 2+2 ohm. With the choice of
either dual 2-ohm or 4-ohm voice coils, the system can be designed to
maximize the amplifier's power output.
Other features that work together to ensure the cleanest possible signal
include rubber magnet covers that improve cosmetics and performance
by reducing basket vibration, dual magnet drive, super linear spider, and
gold-plated push terminals.
New eXcelon dual
voice coil subs work
in small sealed or vented enclosures.
You can even add an optional grille.
Dual Voice Coils (DVC)
The voice coil in subwoofer design is important because it converts the
sub's magnet energy into cone motion. Although many subwoofers have
a single voice coil, dual voice coil subwoofers use two separate voice
coils, each with separate connections mounted on one former (also called
a bobbin) and connected to a common cone. The biggest benefit is that
the voice coils can be configured to meet your system requirements.
strong and reduces needless resonance in low frequency. New models
with this material show faster and clearer sound with less distortion.
Itsy Bitsy Super Linear Spider
In speaker design, the spider controls the cone's movement and
keeps the voice coil centered. It's kind of like a shock absorber,
smoothing out the cone's ride. The super linear spider on the
KFC-XW1224D, and eXcelon flat woofers rolls gradually and be-
comes higher towards the center. This design allows more control
over the speaker because there's less stress. Less stress means
less failure due to high excursion. The small-to-large pleats also
work in a progressive manner so that the speaker remains linear
over its entire range of movement.
Carbon Glass Fiber Makes
A Mighty Strong Woofer
Coating carbon material onto glass
fibers makes the material wickedly


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents