Easy-To-Use Interface - Kenwood AMPED XR-S17P Training Manual

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Better Navigation Hands Down!
The KNA-G510 Hideaway Navigation system continues with some run-
ning changes, including improvements to the GPS receiver. Improvements
include faster GPS positioning time (from 15 seconds down to 1 second),
improved auto locate time (from two minutes down to 45 seconds), and an
improved Sirf Star 3 GPS receiver.
The KNA-G510 includes maps of the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico,
and is ready for XM Live Traffic feeds as well. Add the XM chip set tuner,
subscribe to XM radio and you'll hear live traffic reports and XM radio.
You're going to love XM Instant Traffic & Weather because it provides
constant traffic and weather conditions with continuous, real-time up-
dates—that's 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Imagine learning about
that overturned big rig before you get on the freeway!
For mapping updates, the KNA-G510 uses Flash memory not discs, so
you never have to worry about changing discs. To purchase map updates
visit the Garmin web site and select map updates/Kenwood.
Other cutting-edge navigation features include XM NAVTraffic (optional)
for live traffic information and XM Satellite entertainment. (Kenwood
GXM30 XM tuner and XM subscription required.) An alternative to the
XM Live Traffic is the GTM-10 Live Traffic Tuner (subscription required)
and receive the same type of traffic information through local FM broad-
casts. (Note: 5 Series multi-media products are not compatible with the
XM Nav Traffic tuner.)

Easy-to-Use Interface

The interface is simple and easy to read. The main Menu offers the sim-
ple question "View Map?" or "Where To?" Use the plus and minus sign
on each side of the screen to zoom in or out. The map can also be set up
to be viewed in 2D or 3D.
The KNA-G510 not only tells you that your turn is coming, it will even
announce the name of the street that the turn is on. This eliminates
confusion when there is more than one turn choice and they are close
together. It's safer as well. The driver's eyes spend more time on the
road rather than on the map, and all of these commands are produced
seamlessly through the stereo system. The music is muted and the com-
mand comes through, then you're back to your music. Choose English,
Spanish, or French.
Live Traffic and Weather
The KNA-G510 is compatible with the GXM30 Live Traffic,
weather tuner/antenna. A single connection from the antenna to
the navigation unit is all it takes. Connect and subscribe. (The
standard navigation antenna is still necessary.) XM music can
be played through the GXM-30 also when connected to compat-
ible receivers. (Music requires additional subscription charges.)
The KNA-G510 is also compatible with the RDS based TMC Live
traffic Receiver. The GTM-10 is a receiver that plugs in between
the radio and the factory FM antenna. It's a local terrestrial-based
system and also requires a subscription.
Installation Is Easy
Installation of the KNA-G510 couldn't be easier. It requires con-
stant 12 Volts, Switched 12 Volts, ground, parking brake safety
wire, antenna and one cable connection to the in-dash controller.
No speed sense wire is needed.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents