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7 series, 5 series, excelon series
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External Switch Control:
For A James Bond Kind of Touchscreen
All 2008 eXcelon multimedia units and the Kenwood the DNX7120
and DDX712 include two external switch controls accessible from
the main screen. This truly custom feature lets your customers con-
trol external electronic devices right from on-screen icons and is an
excellent selling feature.
Remember, the External Switches are just a trigger and need to be prop-
erly wired to an external relay for powering electrical devices. Individual
switches can be set to either "latched"or "pulse." The latched setting is
like flipping a light switch—it's either always on or off. The pulsed set-
ting turns on at the button push, but only stays on for a pre-determined
amount of time before automatically switching off.
Multimedia - External Switch (Relay Switch)
For Example: Garage opener • Rear monitor
Opener Remote-controller SW relay
Unleash your creativity with endless possibilities:
• Lowering third row seats on SUVs
• Controlling rear seat monitors
• Controlling interior or under-car lighting
• Popping the trunk
• Opening electronic gates or garage doors
• Driving lights or fog lights
Timing and Increments of the Pulse
The external switch has 100 incremental settings. These settings
can be adjusted from a half a second up to 50 seconds. This is help-
ful when setting various timed devices like a motorized amp rack (10
seconds), a sunroof (8 seconds), or closing the gates (15 seconds).
• Found on Excelon Multi Media,
DNX7120, and KOS V product.
• Connect EXT SW wire to device or relay
• Sends a positive trigger
• On-screen buttons can be labeled
• Can be set to:
-Pulsed (timed from 0-20 seconds)
Pattern 1: Carbon-like
Pattern 2: Fire
line pattern
eXcelon and Kenwood DNX and DDX
video units have super intuitive
touchscreens with three skin patterns.
So Easy A Grown-up Can Use It
Our 2008 touchscreen interfaces are so easy to use, your technophobic
grandmother will be hooked. Don't look for the V Select button on our
new 7 and 8 series monitors because it's not there. When users se-
lect the source, like navigation on the front screen, it takes them right to
navigation screen. What a concept! Hit the DVD icon and the motorized
screen is ready to load. Plug in an iPod and the screen goes right to that
source. (Hard key select buttons are still located on the front panel.) It will
also display album artwork (if available) for both audio and video files; the
artwork is displayed in the window on left side of the screen.
Three-skin menu is back on the 7 and 8 series models with a few twists,
like a motion graphic flame and carbon-like background. Three skin se-
lect is available in fire, water and line pattern and is accessed directly
from the main screen.
like iPod, Tuner, and DVD. Selectable from the Setup menu, choose
any source you want, and you can even name the icons like PlayStation
instead something lame like Video 1 or Video 2.
Bring It on Back
This year's 7 and 8 series DDX and DNX models also allow users to
select the panel close position that best matches the tilt of the vehicle's
console. Whenever the key is turned off, the unit will go back to the home
position or saved position. The panel's close position is stored in non-
volatile memory so it remains even if battery power is lost.
Background Check
Pattern 3: Water
Pick Your Faves
Our 2008 eXcelon and Kenwood video
units include a Source Select feature
that lets you pick three favorite icons,
Our 2008 line lets you trans-
fer and store three digital
images to use as a wall-
paper background. Simply
save the images to a USB
thumb drive and transfer
the images to the monitor's
memory using the USB con-
nection. Up to three images


Table of Contents

Table of Contents