Remote Controls - Kenwood AMPED XR-S17P Training Manual

7 series, 5 series, excelon series
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Remote Controls

All eXcelon video receivers and the Kenwood
DNX7120 come with an ultra cool 8-direc-
tion remote for easy navigation through the
screen menus. Navigation mode allows the
eXcelon remote to control a connected navi-
gation unit (KNA-G510), and the remotes
include a Telephone button that answers the
phone and can be used for dialing.
The 7 Series also comes with an AV remote
without the navigation capability. Kenwood
Video Remotes are full featured and control
DVD and audio. Bluetooth capable models
also include a Telephone button that an-
swers the phone and can be used for dialing.
On the 5 series, remote control is optional.
Start with the DNX8120 and just
keep going! This system offers
both the highest sound quality
and the best connectivity that
Kenwood has to offer.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents