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While the USB cable that comes with the iPod works just fine,
it's not an automotive-rated device and isn't designed to
withstand the hot temperatures of a car interior.
We recommend your customer use our KCA-
iP100 iPod direct 1-wire cable. It's inexpensive
and it can take the heat.
In addition to the convenience, there are audio benefits to 1-wire iPod
connection. Because the audio signal leaves the iPod as a digital signal,
the D to A conversion takes place on the high quality D to A converters in
the Kenwood head units as opposed to the D to A converter in the iPod.
Most other manufacturers are still using the old analog serial bus cables
which are not as fast and offer ho-hum sound quality.
Think Outside the Port
USB direct connect works on iPods and media devices but there are
other benefits. The USB input is also a power source that can charge cell
phones, Palm Pilots, Bluetooth headsets and can even work on in-car de-
vices like mini coolers and portable fans (the limit is 500mV of current).
Enough with the One Liners
Kenwood is leading the pack with dis-
plays that are better in color, readability, and functionality. Many Ken-
wood and eXcelon head units offer 3 or 4 lines of text that make it easier
for customers to use. Our competitors are offering one and two lines of
text, but when you think of all the stuff folks are using with their head units
these days—cell phones, satellite radio, Bluetooth adaptors—two lines
just ain't enough.

Display and Amplifier On and Off Function

With the exception of the KDC-X991, all models KDC-MP338U or higher
include an optional display off function that temporarily turns off the display
when buttons are idle. Anytime the display senses idle time (not pushing a
button), it turns off, but the lighting surrounding the radio stays on. This is a
great feature at night when you don't want the lights on but need to see the
radio to operate it. As soon as you operate the radio, it lights back up!

Amplifier Shut off

Amplifier shut off is available on KDC-MP438U and higher and can be
adjusted in the stand-by. If you are using the radio as a preamp head unit
with amplifiers, it helps reduce noise and keeps the radio cooler because
the internal amplifier is not on. If it's not being used, why turn it on?
The KCA-iP200 cable is still available for customers with 2007
Kenwood head units. This inexpensive 2-wire cable enables high-
speed iPod data at 12MB/bps and has a 30-pin cable that termi-
nates at the receiver by USB and stereo mini.
Once connected, digital control, text
from the files, etc., passes through
USB; the audio passes through the
analog (stereo mini) cable.
If a customer has an older iPod that can't be controlled by our USB,
they can purchase the KCA-iP500 that plugs into our 5L changer
bus. If he or she wants to buy a unit that doesn't have USB control
like the KDC-MP338 or KDC-MP238, they'll need the KCA-iP500
as well. This adapter is one of the smallest and easiest to connect
on the market. It plugs into the changer port of Kenwood radios
2002 and newer. Our iPod adapter doesn't require extra
power and ground connections, so it's easy to
install. (Note: the KCA-iP500 does
not have a pass through for other 5L
connected devices.)

External Media Control

With the exception of the KDC-MP208 and KDC-138, all 2008 Kenwood
receivers have External Media Control for iPod connectivity with the
KCA-iP500 iPod interface. The Kenwood receiver's disc up and down
button selects playlists; the Scan button changes the search mode, Play-
list, Artist, Album, and Genre. In addition to iPod connectivity, External
Media Control allows hook up of satellite and HD Radio. (Keep in mind
that units with USB inputs offer superior iPod control.)
Editor) program is included in the KDC-X991 and Ken-
wood models KDC-MP538U and higher. This year
we're doing something different and including the
owner's manuals on disc for models that have the
PC Editor disc. We figure the disc is already in
the box, so why not save a tree or two?
Music Editor is an optional PC desktop program
that allows you to search, manage and select
music files from your PC, so no matter what
you're in the mood to hear, Kenwood makes it even
easier to find. Original desktop software, Kenwood Music Editor
performs powerful search functions on USB mass storage
devices or portables that can be configured as mass storage
devices. Search for music files from your entire PC library;
search by Genre, Artist, Album and Playlist. Kenwood Music
Editor also includes Playlist Generation technology that ana-
lyzes each song based on the tempo and categorizes them
into familiar genres like Pop, Rock, etc.
Our PC Is PC
Kenwood's PC Editor (Music


Table of Contents

Table of Contents