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7 series, 5 series, excelon series
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Kenwood and specialty line amps feature 24-dB per octave low-
pass crossovers. This better crossover is more expensive to make,
but the improved sound quality is worth it. All other standard line
amps have 18 dB low-pass crossovers. High-pass crossovers are
set at 12 dB per octave on all amps.
Signal Sensing—What a Turn-on!
Kenwood compact amps also include signal sensing turn-on. This feature
is used when connecting to a radio that doesn't have RCA outputs (can
you say factory radio?). Simply wire the speaker leads from the radio to
the input of the amplifier, and when the radio is turned on, the amp comes
on. No need to look for a lead to turn the amp on.
In addition, all regular-line Kenwood amps have high-level input capabil-
ity, so it's easy to add an amp to any vehicle no matter what type of radio
it has. By making it possible to use the speaker outputs from a factory
radio to drive a power amp, Kenwood makes it easy to upgrade a factory
system without rebuilding the dash.
Always check the factory system to see what kind of power output it has.
The high-level inputs on Kenwood amps can take 35 watts into each
channel, so they can be used with most factory stereo systems.
The cover plate on Kenwood 2008 amps
completely covers the wire connections,
making for a cleaner installation.
The KAC-8104 500 Watt Class D mono
power amp has a variable low pass
filter, variable high pass filter and
blue illumination.
The KAC-8404 is a 75 Watts x 4 RMS @
4 ohms, 4-channel amplifier with power
MOSFET switching, built-in variable low-
pass filter (50Hz-200Hz @ 18dB/Oct), and
built-in variable high-pass filter (50Hz-
200Hz @ 24 dB/Oct), signal sensing turn-
on, and cooling fan.
The KAC-7204 is a 170 x 2 Watts @
4 Ohms, 2-channel amp with built-in
variable low-pass filter (50Hz-200Hz)
24dB/Oct; built-in variable high-pass filter
(50Hz-200Hz) 12dB/Oct; Power MOSFET
switching; and built-in cooling fan.
The KAC-6404 4/3/2-channel power amplifier is 40 Watts x 4 @ 4 ohms
with power MOSFET switching, built-in variable low-pass filter, high pass
filter, and cooling fan. The KAC-6202 2-channel power amplifier includes
a cast aluminum heat sink, built-in variable low-pass filter, power MOS-
FET switching, and speaker level input. And finally, the KAC-5203 is an
economically priced amp with 55 Watts x 2 @ 4 ohms that is included in
our party packs.


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents