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Kings Among Amps
Reference Series eXcelon amplifiers carry over and include the KAC-
X1R mono Class D power amp and the KAC-X4R 4-channel digital
power amp. We're also bringing back our KAC-X10D Class D amp, the
KAC-X20 2-channel amp, and the KAC-X40 4-channel amp.
Part of our eXcelon Reference
Series, the KAC-X1R mono digital power amp
features Dual Sigma Drive, dual power supply,
and is 1-Ohm capable.
Features include Dual Sigma Drive and DSP technology, and several
eXcelon amps (and the KAC-9104D) are 1-ohm load capable, so when it
comes to system demands, these amps deliver.
Rated at 1200 Watts RMS (2400 Watts max power), the KAC-X1R mono
digital Class D amp uses Dual Sigma Drive technology that provides an
excellent damping factor. Damping factor measures how well an ampli-
fier controls a woofer. The higher the number, the more it limits distortion
caused by unwanted woofer movement.
Talk about your threesome! The KAC-X1R works perfect-
ly with a pair of KFC-XW1200F or KFC-XW1000F shallow-
mount subs. The amplifier is small, easy to install and, in
this configuration, delivers 1200 Watts RMS!
The Class D Difference
Class D amps give your customers stronger, louder, more chest-thump-
ing bass with reduced current demands than Class A/B amps. Class D
amps are also easier on the vehicle's electrical system, which means
they are less apt to make the lights dim during bass notes.
For subwoofer applications, Class D amps are efficient and their small
size offers installation flexibility. Before amplifying an incoming signal, a
Class D amp converts the signal to digital. Digital signals can be ampli-
fied very efficiently, so you get a lot more power with less current. Less
input current reduces power supply size and generates less waste heat,
thus reducing the heat sink size. The amp then converts the amplified
signal back to analog. This process allows Class D amps, like the KAC-
X1R, KAC-X10D, Kenwood KAC-9104D, and KAC-8104D, to crank more
power than Class A/B amps of the same size.
Kenwood's Power Couple
More potent than Brad-jolina and Tom-Kat combined, the dual power
supply on the KAC-1XR and KAC-X4R provide one power supply for
positive current and one power supply for negative current. The result is
a cleaner voltage source, less failure due to short circuit or power loss
due to variances in transformer tolerances, and less transformer noise.
A dual power supply with two
transformers ensures steady
operation, even when the positive
and negative loads are unstable!
The KAC-X4R Reference Series Amplifier
is a 4-channel, full range digital amplifier.
The Full Range Digital Amp
The KAC-X4R 4-channel amp uses digital amplifier technology in a full
range application along with a unique DSP. This 600 Watt RMS amplifier


Table of Contents

Table of Contents