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From Big and Beefy to Lean and Mean
eXcelon super subs are the choice for customers into serious bass. The
KFC-XW12R has a 12-inch carbon fiberglass cone woofer, two-piece
cast aluminum basket, double stacked magnet, and dual voice coil (3
ohm + 3 ohm). This puppy offers up 1000 Watts RMS and includes smart
cosmetic designs, like high damping fins and a vented basket that make it
very heat efficient. The KFC-XW12R can take a whole lot of punishment
because the design creates more strength and surface area for heat to
dissipate from the motor and spider (it even has fuses just in case).
Rated at an intestine-twisting 3000 Watts
Max, the KFC-XW12R 12" Super Sub isn't
for the High School Musical crowd.
The KFC-XW12R uses a black trim and black cast frame that look great
installed, and the butyl rubber surround is treated to give the rubber a
stiffer quality. It even includes smart switching that, with a flip of the switch,
lets you put the voice coils in series or parallel, depending on whether
you're using a mono or stereo amp. Other key audio features include a
symmetrical voice coil, a heat transfer system that keeps heat away from
the motor, a super linear spider, and smooth linear rubber surround.
For tight squeezes,
the KFC-XW1200F 12-inch and KFC-
XW1000F 10-inch have a mere 4"
mounting depth and pack in 350/250
Watts RMS. Put these babies in a
Mazda Miata and see what happens!
Our lean and mean KFC-XW1200F and KFC-XW1000F shallow subs of-
fer big bass flavor without the unwanted pounds. With a 4-inch mounting
depth, these subs have a single voice coil at 4 ohm, a cast aluminum
basket, and a removable front trim ring with a clean finish. Both the 10-
inch and the 12-inch will fit nicely in a small, sealed custom or prefab
enclosure (installers will likely build their own).
Carbon Fiber Honeycomb
Carbon fiber material makes for super strong cones, but what you can't
see is on the back side of our shallow subs. A honeycomb design (it looks
like a bee's nest) dramatically adds to cone strength. Other key features
of these slender beasts are the aluminum die-cast basket heat transfer
system, super linear spider and surround, and silver-plate push terminals
that accept up to 8 AWG.
Kenwood Subwoofers: Success through Excess
Kenwood subwoofers offer mega doses of bass as well. Returning
champions include the KFC-W3514DVC, KFC-W3011, and the KFC-
W2511. New to the lineup is the KSC-SW10 easy-fit sub that's small
enough to fit under car seats and offers up 150 Watts of power.
The KFC-W3514DVC
has a deep cone design
that can move 20% more
air volume than ordinary designs.
The KFC-3514DVC 12" sub handles 380 Watts of continuous power,
1500 Watts at peak, and includes a titanium coated cone woofer and
rubber surround for durability. Its oversized cone can move more air and
produce louder and lower bass.
Notice how the terminals are positioned on
one side, making parallel wiring a snap.
The new magnet cover overlaps part of
the basket for better sound and cosmetic
appearance, and even the gasket is de-
tachable for two-way installation. Because
the woofer can be mounted either "magnet-in" or
"cone-in," the installation trim-ring can be placed either on the front
or rear of the basket for a custom-looking finish.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents