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(PESWIAKJC) and goes from a multi-wire to a single wire install. There
is no external IR flasher to install and the adapter already has Kenwood
codes on-board so the programming goes much faster. The OEM Steer-
ing wheel interface can even be used with our KCA-RC50MR in marine
installations where multiple marine remotes (up to 6) can be wired to the
remote control input. So whether you're fishing on the bow or steering
her back to port, you can control the radio.
That eXcelon Edge
The KDC-X991 may be a mighty titan; however, the KDC-X792, KDC-
X692, KDC-X592, and KDC-X492 sport eXcelon exclusive features like
special audio-grade capacitors on the power supply that provide stable
current and reduce unwanted engine noise. All eXcelon receivers use
24-bit D-to-A converters, high pass (8 point) crossovers for front and rear,
and 5 low pass filters for the rear. In addition, all eXcelon head units have
a high gloss black finish and the KDC-X592 and higher offer either 3 or
4-line displays.
Don't forget that all eXcelon CD receivers play AAC, MP3, WMA files,
have high-voltage pre-outs, USB Direct Control, 1 Wire Direct iPod Con-
nection, aux inputs, System QEX/E's+, and are satellite, Bluetooth and
HD Radio Ready.
The KDC-X792 has a few tricks up its
sleeve, like a high-resolution (64-color full
dot) customizable display. This unit also
includes RDS technology and Kenwood's
exclusive Graphic Motion Analyzer.
The KDC-X692's 4-tone full dot display
makes it easy to browse a song list,
search for a phone number, or read a
short text message.
Graphic Motion Analyzer
GMA is featured on the KDC-X991 and KDC-X792 and lets drivers see
the performance of their vehicle on the receiver display. (GMA allows
some performance feedback to be displayed on the screen instead of
standard full motion graphics, but no, it's not a video game.)
GMA offers five displays:
movement of your car while you're taking corners. G-Meter displays a
numeric readout of G-forces while you're accelerating. Turning G-Coun-
ter shows G-forces for acceleration over a 1-hour time period and will
display average past, which, by the way, is a great way to monitor the use
of your car when someone borrows it. GMA's built-in motion-activated
stopwatch can be started and stopped when a key is pressed or when
your car experiences forward G-forces and, horsepower function mea-
sures and records the max horsepower of your car.
Demonstrating Graphic Motion Analyzer
To show the customer the ins and outs of GMA:
1. Press the function (FNC) key on the faceplate to
display the on-screen menu options.
2. Turn the multi-control wheel to Display Select
3. Push in the multi-control wheel knob to select
4. Turn the multi-control wheel to Display Type F
5. Push in the multi-control wheel knob to select
6. The screen will display an image of a vehicle
High Voltage Pre-outs
Make Bag Pipes Sound Good
The 5-Volt and 4-Volt pre-outs on 2008 eXcelon receivers offer a larger
signal to the amplifiers. The larger signal means that the amplifier gains
don't need to be turned up as high so music is more dynamic with a lower
noise floor and much cleaner, clearer sound. Take the time to explain this
to a customer and it'll be simple to step them up to a Kenwood eXcelon
in-dash receiver.
RDS (Radio Data System)
A feature on the KDC-X991 and KDC-X792, RDS allows
small amounts of digital information to be carried over
conventional FM radio broadcasts. This technology is widely used by the
radio stations, and the benefit of radio with RDS is that it can transmit
things like track/artist info on screen.
KDC-X592 includes the features of the
KDC-X692 but uses a 3-line full-dot display.
This unit also includes blue illumination
effect that can enhance operation and make
the dullest of dashboards look snazzy.
G-Graphic shows lateral (sideways)


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents