Security Details - Kenwood AMPED XR-S17P Training Manual

7 series, 5 series, excelon series
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Camera Happy
All Kenwood video receiv-
ers include a dedicated
rear-view camera video
connection. This standard
RCA style connection
works with the Kenwood
CCD-2000 back-up cam-
era, or any brand using a
RCA connection. There's also a wire on the receiver that connects to the
reverse light circuit. When the vehicle is put into reverse, the back-up
camera image appears onscreen. In the receiver menu the image can be
set to normal or reverse image.
The CCD-2000 Rear View Camera is a great add-on to Kenwood
systems. It has a reverse image function, high resolution color
picture (Approx. 270,000 pixels), wide viewing angles, and a 1.5
LUX for excellent night vision. It has a weather-resistant housing
and the mounting bracket and accessories are included.
Bring on the Bass
When your customer is ready to add external amps for speakers and
subs, they can choose between the 5.1 (5V) RCA pre-outs on the 8 series
DNX and DDX, 3 (5V) RCA pre-outs on the KVT-819DVD, 3 (2V) RCA
pre-outs on the Kenwood 7 series, and 2 (2V) RCA pre-outs (with switch-
able rear or sub) on the 5 series DNX, DDX, and KVT. Enhanced audio
features like Dual Zone audio control, and A/V switching (2 A/V inputs
for eXcelon, 1 AV input for Kenwood) make Kenwood video the perfect
source and controller. For systems without external amps, the internal 50
Watts x 4 MOSFET power amp is ready to take on their speakers.

Security Details

All Kenwood video receivers have two built-in security features. All multi-
media receivers have a user-selectable four-digit security code that renders
the unit unusable if someone's dumb enough to steal it. Some single
DIN units have a removable faceplate with a carrying case as well as a
security code. A detachable faceplate is an effective theft deterrent—few
people want to steal a radio that has missing parts.
KCA-BT200 Bluetooth Hands-Free Unit
with A2DP Music Streaming
All new-release video monitors are compatible with our KCA-BT200
Bluetooth hands-free module. Now, the cell phone becomes another
"source" in your multi-media system! The two units connect via the KAB
or 5L changer connections (the KCA-BT200 includes a 5L pass-through)
to bring the latest wireless technology into your dash.
The KCA-BT200 incorporates Parrot technology that offers some exciting
features like A2DP music streaming and text messaging. The KCA-BT200
Bluetooth module has caller ID and can be paired with up to five Bluetooth
enabled phones and download each phone's address book so they can
be stored in your receiver. The monitors can be used to dial a number,
answer an in-coming call or end a call. The unit also has a microphone
that can be mounted in the dash or headliner, and you can listen to the
conversation through your car speakers.
New features include:
• Wireless Cell Phone Connection via Bluetooth Technology
• SMS (Short Messaging Service) Support
• Automatic Phonebook Synchronization (Storage Capacity of 1000
contacts per phone)
• Voice Recognition in Noisy Surroundings (35 voice tag capable)
• Compatible with most of Bluetooth phones with HFP


Table of Contents

Table of Contents