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7 series, 5 series, excelon series
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The KOS-V1000 (eXcelon line) includes
two USB inputs, 3 sets of 5V pre-outs,
2AV inputs/2 AV outputs, and four
relayed outputs (external switches).
The KOS-V500 has 1 USB port, 3 sets of
2V pre-outs, 2 AV inputs, 1 AV output and
2 relayed outputs (external switches).
With CarPortal KOS-V1000 and KOS-V500, the expansion capabili-
ties are practically endless: System E's+ crossovers, reverse camera
input, and RGB input for navigation. Convergence features include
external switches to control things like garage doors, security gates,
car accent lighting, and more. Both display ID3 tag information from
MP3 players, and both systems are Bluetooth Ready.
Both systems accept speaker-level output from factory radios (100mv-
15 volts) and work with floating ground, common ground, and balanced
output. Both turn on with accessory power or by detecting the audio signal.
The CarPortal™ KOS-V1000 is
a great solution for customers
with classic cars. This 1968
Firebird has a state-of-the art
A/V system and the dash board
remains in tact.
Add the KOS-CV100 RGB-to-Composite
adaptor and a third party factory screen
interface and the KOS-V1000/KOS-V500
can display the information on the vehicle's
factory LCD screen. You can install the in-
cluded IR receiver on/near the dash and con-
trol the system with the included remote.
External Switches: Let Your Custom Side Shine
The external switches on the KOS-V1000 and KOS-V500 are a
great opportunity to show off your custom skills. These switches
are a trigger that must be properly wired to an external relay for
powering electrical devices. The external switch has 100 steps.
On position 1, it will send a 500 ms pulse. With each step after
the first pulse, the length increases 200 ms. For instance, if you
have the pulse set to position 3, then the pulse length is 900 ms
or almost one second.


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents