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<Selection method of torque control>
Torque control is exercised to develop torque as set in the torque command.
The motor speed becomes constant when the motor output torque and load torque are balanced.
For torque control, therefore, the speed is determined by the load.
For torque control, the motor gains speed as the motor output torque becomes greater than the motor load.
To prevent overspeed, set the speed limit value so that the motor speed does not increase too high.
(Speed control is exercised during speed limit and torque control is disabled.)
When speed limit is not set, the speed limit value setting is regarded as 0Hz to disable torque control.
Perform secure wiring. (Refer to page 31.)
Set the motor and encoder. (Pr. 71, Pr. 359, Pr. 369)
Set the motor capacity and the number of motor poles. (Pr. 80, Pr. 81)
Select a control method. (Refer to page 66.)
Set the torque command. (Pr. 804)
(Refer to chapter 4 of
(Refer to chapter 4 of
As required
· Perform offline auto tuning. (Pr. 96) (refer to page 71).
· Select online auto tuning. (Pr. 95) (refer to page
· Manual input torque control gain adjustment (refer to chapter 4 of
⋅ The carrier frequencies are selectable from among 2k, 6k, 10k, 14kHz for vector control.
Mount the FR-A7AP.
Set Pr. 71 Applied motor, Pr. 359 Encoder rotation direction and Pr. 369
Number of encoder pulses according to the motor and encoder used.
(Refer to page 33.)
(Refer to page 66.)
Set the motor capacity (kW) in Pr. 80 Motor capacity and set the number
of motor poles in Pr. 81 Number of motor poles.
(V/F control is performed when the setting is "9999" (initial value).)
Set either "1" (torque control), "2" (speed-torque switchover) or "5"
(position-torque switchover) in Pr. 800 and make torque control valid.
the instruction manual (applied).)
Set the speed limit. (Pr. 807)
the instruction manual (applied).)
Test run
the instruction manual (applied))
Before operation


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