Mitsubishi Electric 700 Series Installation Manualline

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FR-A 700
FR-A 740-00023 to 12120-EC
Thank you for choosing this Mitsubishi Inverter.
Please read through this Instruction Manual and the enclosed CD ROM to operate this inverter correctly
– The enclosed CD ROM contains the Installation Guideline in additional languages.
– Die CD-ROM enthält die deutsche Installationsbeschreibung.
– Il CD-ROM incluso contiene la guida di riferimento dell'installazione in lingua italiana.
– Le CD-ROM ci-joint contient cette documentation en français.
– El CD-ROM incluido contiene la pauta de la instalación en lengua española.
Приложенный CD-ROM содержит инструкцию по инсталяции на дополнительных языках.
Do not use this product until you have a full knowledge of the equipment, the safety information and the
Please forward this manual and the CD ROM to the end user.
INSTALLATION OF THE INVERTER AND INSTRUCTIONS ...................................1
OUTLINE DRAWING .................................................................................................3
WIRING ......................................................................................................................4
PRECAUTIONS FOR USE OF THE INVERTER .....................................................10
TROUBLESHOOTING .............................................................................................11



  Summary of Contents for Mitsubishi Electric 700 Series

  • Page 1 MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC INVERTER FR-A 700 INSTALLATION GUIDELINE FR-A 740-00023 to 12120-EC Thank you for choosing this Mitsubishi Inverter. Please read through this Instruction Manual and the enclosed CD ROM to operate this inverter correctly – The enclosed CD ROM contains the Installation Guideline in additional languages. –...
  • Page 2 Print Date Manual Number Revision 12/2006 pdp-dk 192716 First edition For Maximum Safety Mitsubishi transistorized inverters are not designed or manufactured to be used in equipment or systems in situations that can affect or endanger human life. When considering this product for operation in special applications such as machinery or systems used in passenger transportation, medical, aerospace, atomic power, electric power, or submarine repeating applications, please contact your nearest Mitsubishi sales representative.
  • Page 3: Fire Prevention

    This section is specifically about safety matters Do not attempt to install, operate, maintain or inspect the inverter until you have read through this Installation Guideline and appended documents carefully and can use the equipment correctly. Do not use the inverter until you have a full knowledge of the equipment, safety information and instructions.
  • Page 4: Emergency Stop

    Wiring CAUTION Do not install assemblies or components (e. g. power factor correction capacitors) on the inverter output side, which are not approved from Mitsubishi. The direction of rotation of the motor corresponds to the direction of rotation commands (STF/STR) only if the phase sequence (U, V, W) is maintained Test operation and adjustment CAUTION...
  • Page 5: Inverter Type

    The internal filter is suitable for the second environment, a motor cable length of up to 5m and a carrier frequency of up to 2kHz. For other operation conditions, Mitsubishi Electric offers several optional filters. Please contact your sales representive.
  • Page 6 INSTALLATION 1.3 General Precaution The bus capacitor discharge time is 10 minutes. Before starting wiring or inspection, switch power off, wait for more than 10 minutes, and check for residual voltage between terminal P/+ and N/ − with a meter etc., to avoid a hazard of electrical shock.
  • Page 7 2 OUTLINE DRAWING FR-A 740-00023 to FR-A 740-00770 to FR-A 740-09620 to FR-A 740-04320 to 00620-EC 03610-EC 12120-EC 08660-EC (Unit: mm) Inverter Type FR-A 740-00023-EC FR-A 740-00038-EC FR-A 740-00052-EC FR-A 740-00083-EC FR-A 740-00126-EC FR-A 740-00170-EC FR-A 740-00250-EC FR-A 740-00310-EC FR-A 740-00380-EC FR-A 740-00470-EC FR-A 740-00620-EC FR-A 740-00770-EC...
  • Page 8: Main Circuit

    3 WIRING Source logic *1. DC reactor (FR-HEL) *7 The CN8 connector is provided with the Brake unit Main circuit Remove the jumper for the 01160 (Option) 1800 or more. terminal or less if a DC reactor is connected. The DC reactor supplied with the Control circuit *8 Brake resistor (FR-ABR) Jumper...
  • Page 9: Terminal Layout And Wiring

    WIRING 3.1 Main circuit terminal 3.1.1 Terminal layout and wiring FR-A 740-00023, 00038, 00052, 00083, 00126-EC FR-A 740-00170, 00250-EC Jumper Screw size (M4) Charge lamp Jumper Jumper Jumper Screw size Screw size Charge lamp (M4) L1 L2 L3 (M4) Motor Power supply L1 L2 L3 Motor...
  • Page 10 WIRING FR-A 740-02160, 02600-EC FR-A 740-03250, 03610-EC Screw size M4 Charge lamp Jumper Screw size (M4) Charge lamp Screw size M10 Jumper Screw size M10 Schrauben Screw size (M10) (M10) L1 L2 Power supply Motor L1 L2 L3 DC reactor Screw size M12 Power supply Motor...
  • Page 11 WIRING 3.2 Wiring fundamentals 3.2.1 Cable size Select the recommended cable size to ensure that a voltage drop will be 2% max. If the wiring distance is long between the inverter and motor, a main circuit cable voltage drop will cause the motor torque to decrease especially at the output of a low frequency.
  • Page 12 WIRING Cable Sizes HIV, etc. [mm AWG * PVC, etc. [mm Applicable Inverter Type R/L1, R/L1, R/L1, Earth Cable Earth Cable S/L2, U, V, W P/+, P1 S/L2, U, V, W S/L2, U, V, W Gauge Gauge T/L3 T/L3 T/L3 FR-A 740-00023–00126-EC FR-A 740-00170-EC FR-A 740-00250-EC...
  • Page 13 WIRING 3.2.2 Maximum permissible motor wiring length The maximum permissible length of the motor cables depends on the capacity of the inverter and the selected carrier frequency. (The wiring lenght should be 100 m maximum with vector control). The lengths in the following table are for unshielded cables. When shielded cables are use divide the values listed in the table by 2.
  • Page 14: Control Circuit Terminals

    3.3 Control circuit terminals 3.3.1 Terminal layout CA SD PC STOP RES STF STR PC FU MRS JOG CS 3.3.2 Instructions for wiring of the control circuit terminal Terminals PC, 5, and SE are all common terminals (0V) for I/O signals and are isolated from each other. Avoid connecting the terminal PC and 5 and the terminal SE and 5 (ground).
  • Page 15 4 P R E C A U T I O N S F O R U S E O F T H E I N V E R T E R The FR-A700 series is a highly reliable product, but incorrect peripheral circuit making or operation/handling method may shorten the product life or damage the product.
  • Page 16 TROUBLESHOOTING 5 TROUBLESHOOTING When an alarm occurs in the inverter, the protective function is activated bringing the inverter to an alarm stop and the PU display automatically changes to any of the following error (alarm) indications. If your fault does not correspond to any of the following errors or if you have any other problem, please contact your sales representative.
  • Page 17: List Of Alarm Display

    TROUBLESHOOTING 5.2 List of alarm display Operation Panel Indication Meaning Operation Panel Indication Meaning Output side earth (ground) fault E - - - Alarm history E.GF overcurrent protection HOLD Operation panel lock E.LF Output phase failure protection E.OHT External thermal relay operation Er1 bis 4 Parameter write error E.PTC* PTC-Thermistor-Auslösung rE1 bis 4 Copy operation error...
  • Page 19 A APPENDIX Instructions for Compliance with the European Directives A.1.1 EMC Directive We have self-confirmed our inverters as products compliant to the EMC Directive (second environment of conforming standard EN61800-3) and placed the CE mark on the inverters. Remarks First environment Environment including residential buildings.
  • Page 20 APPENDIX Use the inverter under the conditions of overvoltage category II (usable regardless of the earth condition of the power supply), overvoltage category III (usable with the earthed-neutral system power supply) and pollution degree 2 or lower specified in IEC664. –...
  • Page 21 APPENDIX A.2 Instructions for UL and cUL (UL 508C, CSA C22.2 Nr.14) A.2.1 Installation The inverter FR-A 740 EC is UL-listed as a product for use in an enclosure. Design an enclosure so that the inverter ambient temperature, humidity and atmosphere satisfy the specifications. (Refer to page 2 Wiring protection For installation in the United States, branch circuit protection must be provided in accordance with the National Electrical...
  • Page 22 APPENDIX A.2.4 Motor overload protection The inverter FR-A 740 is equipped with an internal UL certified electronic motor overload protection. When using the electronic thermal relay as motor overload protection, set the rated motor current to Pr.9 Electronic thermal O/L relay. Electronic thermal relay function characteristic This function detects the overload (overheat) of the Pr.
  • Page 23 The copyright and other rights of this enclosed CD ROM all belong to Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. No part of this CD ROM may be copied or reproduced without the permission of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. Specifications of this CD ROM are subject to change without notice.
  • Page 24 MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. /// FA - European Business Group /// Gothaer Straße 8 /// D-40880 Ratingen /// Germany Tel.: +49(0)2102-4860 /// Fax: +49(0)2102-486112 /// /// FACTORY AUTOMATION Specifications subject to change /// Art. no. 192716 /// 12.2006...