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Table 4-1
Computer Setup (F10) Utility menu descriptions (continued)
Lets you set the following:
POST Messages—Enables or disables the splash screen during POST.
F9 Prompt (Displayed or Hidden)—Selecting Displayed displays the
F9=Boot Menu during POST. Selecting Hidden prevents the text from
being displayed. However, pressing F9 still accesses the boot menu.
F10 Prompt (Displayed or Hidden)—Selecting Displayed displays
F10=Setup during POST. Selecting Hidden prevents the text from being
displayed, but pressing F10 still accesses the Setup screen.
F12 Prompt (Displayed or Hidden)—Selecting Displayed displays
F12=Network Service Boot during POST. Selecting Hidden prevents
the text from being displayed but pressing F12 still forces the workstation to
attempt booting from the network.
Option ROM
workstation to display a message before loading options ROMs.
Remote Wakeup Boot Source—Enables you to set the remote wakeup boot
source as:
After Power Loss (On, Off, Previous State)—Enabling this option directs the
previous state to be the default.
POST Delay (in seconds) (5, 10, 15, 20, None)—Adds a specified delay
to the POST process. This delay is sometimes needed for hard disk drives
on some expansion cards that spin up slowly (so slowly that they are not
ready to start by the time POST is finished). The POST delay also gives you
time to select F10 to enter the Computer Setup (F10) Utility.
BIOS Power-On
Lets you disable or specify a weekday and time for BIOS power-on.
Enables/disables these options:
Hyper-Threading—Provides processor parallelization such that the
operating system treats one processor as two.
Active Cores (1,2, or All Cores)—Selects a single core, or multiple cores
per socket. (Not available on some configurations.)
Limit CPUID Maximum Value to 3 (Enable or Disable)—Sets the number of
allowable CPU IDs.
Onboard Devices
Lets you set resources (IRQ, DMA, I/O Rate) or disable onboard system devices
such as serial port and diskette controller. Operating system parameters
generally override Onboard Devices settings.
Configures which expansion slots are used for graphics cards. In multi-graphics
card configurations, this option designates one graphics card as primary and
the other card as secondary.
prompt (Enable or Disable)—Enabling this feature causes the
Local Hard Drive
Remote Server
The Computer Setup (F10) Utility


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