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Korg MMT micro XL+ Owner's Manual: Appendices; Trouble Shooting

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microKORG XL+


1. Trouble shooting

Before you suspect a malfunction, please check the following points.
Power does not turn on
Is the AC adapter connected to an AC outlet?  p. 9
No sound
Is your powered monitor system or headphones connected to the cor-
rect jack(s)?  p. 9
Is the connected monitor system powered-on, and is the volume
Is the VOLUME knob set to a position where sound will be output?
Is the MIDI page "LOCAL" setting turned ON?  p. 59
Were any volume-related parameters set to a value of 0?
Could "CUTOFF" be set to 0 in the FILTER page or another page?
 p. 42
Could the VC FILT page "EF.SENS" parameter be set to HOLD (FOR-
MANT HOLD) when there is no input to the AUDIO IN [LINE] jack or
[MIC] jack?
Can't input sound
Is the input source connected to the AUDIO IN [LINE] jack or [MIC]
If you're using the AUDIO IN [MIC] jack, is the [XLR/LINE] switch set to
If you're using the AUDIO IN [LINE] jack, is the [XLR/LINE] switch set to
Is the AUDIO IN [VOLUME] knob level raised?
For a vocoder program, is the audio source you're using as the modula-
tor connected to the AUDIO IN [LINE] jack? Alternatively, have you
connected a mic to the AUDIO IN [MIC] jack?
Can't edit
Can't use performance editing by turning knobs [1]–[3]:
Could you be in Full Edit mode?
Turning the knobs [1]–[3] does not modify the edit parameters:
Could the GLOBAL page "KNOB.MODE" be set to "CATCH"?  p. 24
Turning the knobs [1]–[3] does not affect the sound:
Have you used the TIMBRE SELECT lever to select the timbre you
want to edit?
Can't select timbre 2:
Have you set the COMMON page "VOIC.MODE" parameter to some-
thing other than SINGLE?
Can't select vocoder parameters in Full Edit mode:
Is the [VOCODER] button selected?
If the changes you made to a program or to the global settings have not
been remembered, did you turn the power off before executing the
Write operation? In the case of a program, your edits will also be lost if
you select a different program. Execute the Write operation to save
your edits before you switch programs or turn off the power.  p. 31


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