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Korg MMT micro XL+ Owner's Manual: Editing The Arpeggiator

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microKORG XL+
3. Connect an audio signal from your external device to the
input, and adjust the AUDIO IN [LEVEL] knob as high as
possible without allowing the "CLIP" indicator to appear in
the display.
4. Play the keyboard while listening to the sound.
5. Edit the filter, amp, EG, LFO, and effect settings to modify
the sound.
Pitch-related parameters will not affect the sound from the AUDIO IN

Editing the arpeggiator

The microKORG XL+'s arpeggiator provides six arpeggio types. You can
adjust the duration (gate time) and the spacing of the notes generated by
the arpeggiator. These settings are located in the ARP page. There's also a
"step arpeggiator" function that lets you specify the note on/off status for
each of up to eight steps, giving you a wide range of performance possibili-
Selecting the timbre(s) to arpeggiate
For a program that uses two timbres, you can select the timbre(s) that will
be played by the arpeggiator.
This is specified by the ARP page "ASSIGN" parameter. You can make the
arpeggiator play both timbres, or just one of them.
Synchronizing the arpeggiator
Synchronizing LFO1/2 frequency or effect delay time to the
You can synchronize the frequency of LFO1 or LFO2 to the arpeggio
tempo. This lets you apply modulation that's synchronized with the tempo.
This also gives you the ability to specify an effect's delay time as a multiple
of the tempo so that the delay time will follow even if you change the arpeg-
gio tempo.
You can also synchronize the microKORG XL+'s arpeggiator to an exter-
nal MIDI sequencer, so that the LFO1/2 frequency or the delay time will be
controlled from your external sequencer.
Modifying the arpeggio
You can modify the arpeggio by turning each arpeggio step on/off. This is
called the "step arpeggiator" function.
Using the step arpeggiator to modify the arpeggio
1. After selecting Full Edit mode, use knob [1] to select the
ARP.STEP page.
2. Use knob [2] to select the arpeggiator step.


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