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Korg MMT micro XL+ Owner's Manual: Preparations; Connections

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1. Connections

The illustration below shows a typical example of connections for the
microKORG XL+. Connect your equipment as appropriate for your needs.
connect AC adaptor (included)
to electrical outlet
MIDI keyboard, sound module,
rhythm machine, etc.
You must make connections with the power turned off. Failure to
observe this precaution may cause malfunctions or damage to your
speaker system.
Connect your monitor amp or mixer to the output jacks
Connect your mic or sampler to the input jack
Connecting the included mic
Connecting MIDI equipment or a computer to the MIDI connectors or
Monitor speakers
USB connector
Connect the microKORG XL+'s OUTPUT [L/MONO], [R] jacks to the input
jacks of your mixer or powered monitor speakers. If you make connections
in monaural, use the [L/MONO] jack.
We recommend that you output in stereo to take full advantage of the mi-
croKORG XL+'s sound.
If you're using the microKORG XL+ as a vocoder, connect the mic to the
AUDIO IN [MIC] jack so that the mic audio can be used as a modulator
( p. 21).
If you're using the microKORG XL+ to process the sound of a synthesizer
or sampler, connect the output of your external device to the microKORG
XL+'s AUDIO IN [LINE] jack.
The AUDIO IN [LINE] jack is monaural.
The microKORG XL+ comes with a mic for use with the vocoder.
If you want to connect the included mic, plug it into the front panel AUDIO
IN [MIC] jack. To disconnect it, grasp the base of the mic and pull it out.
Do not use excessive force when connecting or disconnecting the
Do not apply excessive force to the mic's gooseneck, or repeatedly
bend it more than necessary. Doing so may cause broken wires or
other malfunctions.
If you've connected a mic to the microKORG XL+'s front panel AUDIO IN
[MIC] jack, set the AUDIO IN [XLR/LINE] switch to "XLR."
Be careful of the mic output level when connecting a mic.
If you want to use the microKORG XL+'s keyboard and controllers to con-
trol an external MIDI device, or if you want to use another MIDI keyboard or
a sequencer to play the microKORG XL+'s sound generator, then use
USB/MIDI or the onboard MIDI connections.( p. 80 "1.Using the micro-
KORG XL+ with other MIDI devices (MIDI)").


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