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Korg MMT micro XL+ Owner's Manual: Midi Messages; Midi Channels; Note-on/off

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Using the external MIDI device as master and the microKORG
XL+ as slave
Connect the microKORG XL+'s MIDI IN connector to your external MIDI
device's MIDI OUT connector.
Use knob [1] to select the MIDI page, use knob [2] to select "CLOCK," and
use knob [3] to select "EXT MIDI"; the microKORG XL+ will be the slave.
Set your external MIDI device to transmit MIDI clock messages (as the
master device). The microKORG XL+'s arpeggiator will operate at the
tempo of the external device (e.g., sequencer or rhythm machine).
If you set the MIDI page "CLOCK" parameter to "AUTO," the micro-
KORG XL+ will automatically operate with the EXT MIDI setting whenev-
er MIDI clock data is being received at the MIDI IN connector. At other
times, the microKORG XL+ will operate with the INTERNAL setting.
If the microKORG XL+ receives a MIDI Start message [FA] when it is
synchronized to the MIDI clock of an external MIDI device, the arpeggia-
tor will be reset. Also, the phase of the LFO will be reset if "KEY SYNC" is

2. MIDI messages

MIDI channels

MIDI uses sixteen channels (1–16). MIDI messages can be transmitted and
received when the channel of the receiving device matches the channel of
the transmitting device.
This setting will affect the way in which channels are handled.
If the COMMON page "VOIC.MODE" setting is SINGLE, LAYER, or SPLIT,
MIDI data is transmitted/received on the global MIDI channel.
• If "VOIC.MODE" is Multi
If the COMMON page "VOIC.MODE" setting is MULTI, MIDI data for timbre
1 is transmitted/received on the global MIDI channel. MIDI data for timbre 2
is transmitted/received on the MIDI channel specified by the COMMON
page "T2MIDI.CH" setting. Other transmission/reception uses the global
MIDI channel.
The global MIDI channel is the basic MIDI channel used by the micro-
KORG XL+ to transmit and receive MIDI data. It is specified by the MIDI
page setting "MIDI CH".


Note-on [9n, kk, vv], Note-off [8n, kk, vv]
(n: channel, kk: note number, vv: velocity)
When you play the keyboard of the microKORG XL+, note-on/off mes-
sages are transmitted. The note-off velocity is transmitted at a fixed 64, but
is not received.
If the GLOBAL page "POSITION" is POST KBD, note-on/off messages will
be transmitted by the arpeggiator when it is running.


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