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Korg MMT micro XL+ Owner's Manual: Editing The Vocoder; Processing An External Audio Input

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The LED of the selected timbre will light-up, and that timbre will be the one
affected by your editing.
The TIMBRE SELECT LED won't light if the COMMON page "VO-
IC.MODE" parameter is SINGLE. The LED of the timbre being edited will
light if you've selected LAYER, SPLIT, or MULTI as the voice mode
( p. 32).

Editing the vocoder

You'll use the VC FILT–VC BAND pages to edit the parameters of the six-
teen bandpass filters (analysis filter and synthesis filter) and the envelope
The best choice for the carrier is a waveform that contains a large number
of overtones, such as a sawtooth wave or fixed-width pulse wave. You can
edit these parameters in the VC CARRI page.
If you want to input a sawtooth wave as the carrier, first edit timbre 1 so
that the OSC1 page "WAVE" parameter is set to SAW; then in the vocod-
er settings, use the VC CARRI page "TMBR1.LVL" parameter to adjust
the input level of timbre 1.
A human voice is typically used as the modulator, but you can also obtain
interesting results by using rhythm sounds or some other audio source. As
the modulator, the microKORG XL+ lets you choose either an external
input such as mic or rhythm (AUDIO IN) or timbre 2. You can edit these
parameters in the VC.MOD page.
Selecting the vocoder for editing
The process of editing the vocoder settings is essentially the same as when
editing a timbre, but you'll need to turn on the vocoder function and select it
for editing.
1. Select a synth program.
2. Press the [VOCODER] button.
The LED above the [VOCODER] button will light-up, and the vocoder func-
tion will turn on. The vocoder will also be selected as the object of your edit-
3. Set the [KNOB FUNCTION SELECT] dial to "FULL EDIT."
4. Use knob [1] to select one of the VC CARRI–VC BAND
pages, and then use knobs [2] and [3] to edit the vocoder
When the vocoder is the selected object for editing, knob [1] will select
vocoder parameter pages.
If you press the [VOCODER] button to make the LED light, set the
[KNOB FUNCTION SELECT] dial to Full Edit and turn knob [1] to raise
the VC AMP page "DIRCT.LVL" parameter, the input audio will be output
directly. Raise this value if you want to hear the input audio while you
make adjustments.
If you have difficulty hearing the effect, press the [VOCODER] button to
make the LED light, set the [KNOB FUNCTION SELECT] dial to Full Edit,
and turn knob [1] to adjust the VC CARRI page "TMBR1.LVL" parameter
or the VC AMP page "VC LEVEL" parameter.

Processing an external audio input

You can use the filter, amp, EGs, and LFOs etc. to modify a signal from an
external synthesizer, rhythm machine, or audio device in the same ways
that you modify an oscillator waveform.
Before you connect an external device, power-off the microKORG XL+
and any external devices including amps or powered speakers, and
make connections before you turn the power on again.
You can use the external input as the carrier of the vocoder.
1. Set the [KNOB FUNCTION SELECT] dial to "FULL EDIT."
2. Use knob [1] to select the OSC1 page, knob [2] to select
"WAVE," and knob [3] to select "AUDIO IN."
Editing the sound


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