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Expression (CC#11) [Bn, 0B, vv]
When expression messages are received, the volume of a timbre will be
controlled. The volume will be at maximum if the maximum value (127) is
received, and at zero if the minimum value (0) is received.
Damper pedal (CC#64) [Bn, 40, vv]
Incoming damper pedal messages will turn the timbre's damper effect
(Hold) on/off (0: Off, 127: On).
Portamento (CC#65) [Bn, 41, vv]
When portamento messages are received, the portamento effect of a tim-
bre will be switched on/off. If the portamento time is set to 0, there will be no
portamento effect. (0: off, 7F: on)
All note off (CC#123) [Bn, 7B, 00] (value is 00)
When an All Note Off message is received, all currently-sounding notes of
that channel will be turned off. Some sound may linger due to the envelope
All sound off (CC#120) [Bn, 78, 00] (value is 00)
When an All Sound Off message is received, all notes currently sounding
on that channel will be silenced. While All Note Off allows the decay of a
note to continue, the All Sound Off will silence the sound immediately. How-
ever, this message is intended for use in emergencies, and is not for use
during a performance.
Reset all controllers (CC#121) [Bn, 79, 00] (value is 00)
When a Reset All Controllers message is received, all controller values cur-
rently operating on that channel will be reset. Some parameters assigned
using Virtual Patch will not be reset.
Using a control change as a virtual patch modulation source
By selecting CC#cc (cc=00–95, 102–119) as the "SOURCE" for MIDI1,
MIDI2, or MIDI3 in the PATCH page, you can use control changes as a
modulation source for a virtual patch, vocoder "FC.MOD.SRC," or effect
parameter. The actual value of 0–127 will be used without change as the
modulation source.
Assigning a control change to a knob or button
In the CC MAP page, you can assign the control changes CC#00–CC#95
and CC#102–CC119 to principal parameters that correspond to panel
knobs and buttons. When you operate an assigned knob or key, the corre-
sponding control change will be transmitted. When that control change is
received from an external device, the result will be the same as if that knob
or key had been operated with the corresponding value. ( p. 90 "4.Front
panel knob/button control change assignments")


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