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Korg MMT micro XL+ Owner's Manual: Turning The Power Off; Auto Power Off Function

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Turning the power off

After completing any necessary operations such as saving your edited pro-
gram, turn off the power using the following procedure.
Never turn off the power while data is being saved (i.e., while execut-
ing the Write operation). Doing so may destroy internal data.
1. Lower the volume of your powered monitor speakers or
other external output device, and then turn off their power.
2. Turn the [VOLUME] knob of the microKORG XL+ all the
way toward the left, and then press and hold down the
power switch until the display indicates that you can safely
turn off the power.

Auto power off function

If there is no user input for approx. 4 hours the auto power off function,
which automatically turns off the microKORG XL+, will be activated.
This function can be disabled so that the microKORG XL+ is not automati-
cally turned off.
With the factory settings, the auto power off function is enabled.
When the microKORG XL+ is turned off, any edited settings will be
lost. If you want To use the settings again, be sure to save (write)
them first.
Changing the auto power off setting
1. Use the [KNOB FUNCTION SELECT] dial to select "FULL
2. Use knob [1] to select the GLOBAL page, use knob [2] to
select "A.PWR.OFF," and then use knob [3] to change the
If you do not want the microKORG XL+ to automatically be turned off with
the auto power off function, select "DISABLE."
3. Save the setting. (→p. 31 "Saving global data")


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