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Korg MMT micro XL+ Owner's Manual: Basic Editing Procedure; Editing A Program

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microKORG XL+
Carrier (CARRIER)
The most suitable choice as a carrier is a waveform that contains large
numbers of overtones, such as a sawtooth wave or pulse wave. The output
of timbres 1 and 2 is mixed and used as the carrier.
Modulator (MODULATOR)
A human voice is typically used as the modulator, but you can also obtain
unique results by using rhythm sounds or another type of waveform. The
microKORG XL+ allows you to select either an external input such as mic
or rhythm (AUDIO IN) or timbre 2 as the modulator. If you've selected tim-
bre 2, the output of the timbre 2 EQ will be input to the modulator.

2. Basic editing procedure

There are two ways to edit sounds on the microKORG XL+.
• You can select a program that's close to the sound you want, and create
the desired program by making the necessary changes.
• You can start editing the program from scratch (an initialized state).
Choose a method, and get started creating and playing your own sounds!

Editing a program

Performance editing
1. Select the program that you want to edit.
2. Use the [KNOB FUNCTION SELECT] dial to choose the
section that you want to edit.
Take a moment to consider how the original program is different than what
you have in mind, and choose the appropriate parameter to edit.
Use the [TIMBRE SELECT] lever or the [VOCODER] button to select the
part that you want to edit.
3. Use knobs [1], [2], and [3] to edit the values of the parame-
ters assigned to each knob.
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 as needed to create the desired
5. Write your edited program.
 p. 31 "Saving (Writing)"
If you select another program or turn off the power before you've
written your edited program, the changes you made will be lost.
If you want to create a program from scratch
If you want to create a program from scratch, start by initializing to enter
 p. 28 "Initializing a program"
If you're creating a program from scratch using Full Edit mode, you can
take advantage of the fact that pages are organized in the appropriate or-
der; simply proceed by turning knob [1] to step through the pages.


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