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Korg TRITON taktile Parameter Manual: No Midi Messages Are Transmitted From The Midi Out Connector; No Sound; Useful Functions; Restoring The Factory Settings

Usb controller keyboard/synthesizer.
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No MIDI messages are transmitted from the MIDI OUT connector.

→ Please check whether the MIDI Routing in the global parameters is set up correctly.
To transmit the output of the taktile/TRITON taktile to external MIDI equipment, please choose
"Controller In/Out." To transmit the MIDI messages from your computer to external MIDI equip-
ment, please choose "USB-MIDI Interface."

No sound

→ Please check that the powered amp or head phones are correctly connected to the terminal.
→ Please check that the connected powered amp correctly turns on, and the volume is set to a
reasonable value.
→ Each program has a maximum sound range, so when played in the high sound area, it may not
be able to produce sound.

Useful functions

OCTAVE + or OCTAVE - button while pressing EXIT button:
Creates the setting for transposition.
Trigger pad while pressing EXIT button:
Selects a scene. Trigger pads correspond to scene numbers from trigger pad 1.
You can select a scene more quickly than using the screen.
The selectable scenes are limited to 1–8 for the taktile/TRITON taktile-25.
When pressing a button again while its function is on, you will be taken to the page related to that
TIP Pressing the NOTE/CONTROL button when it is lit will switch the Pad Bank.
ARP button:
When pressing a button while the arpeggiator is off, you will be taken to the page for the arpeggiator

Restoring the factory settings

To restore the factory settings, make sure that the computer is connected to the taktile via USB. Turn on
the power while pressing the PAGE
Restoring the factory settings takes several seconds after the power goes ON. Never turn the
power OFF until the normal finishing of equipment start.
button, the TOUCH SCALE button and the CONTROL button.


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