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Korg MMT RADIAS Owner's Manual: Vocoder Editing

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Vocoder editing

When the TIMBRE SELECT [VOCODER] button is dark, the vocoder is off. Pressing this button will turn the
vocoder on, and the button will be lit. You can use one timbre as the carrier, and apply a vocoder effect to it.
To edit the vocoder settings, press the TIMBRE SELECT [VOCODER] button and then press the [EDIT] but-
ton. You will enter the Vocoder Edit mode. If the Vocoder Edit mode P02–1: COMMON – PROG tab page
"PanelEdt" parameter is set to Link, pressing the TIMBRE SELECT [VOCODER] button will let you use the
front panel knobs and buttons to edit the vocoder settings.
In the explanation that follows, we will be explaining only the parameters that are unique to vocoder pro-
grams. For parameters that are also found in synth programs, refer to p.37 "Synth parameter editing."
Before you continue, refer to p.27 "Playing a vocoder program" and connect the included mic.
Vocoder settings
Assigning the vocoder
Adjusting the mic input signal
If you want to keep the changes you make, you must Write them. If you don't perform the Write
operation, your changes will be lost. (☞p.32 "Saving an edited program")
In the Program Play mode, select a program.
We recommend that you select an initialized program from the P bank (the program whose name
is "Init Program").
Press the TIMBRE SELECT [VOCODER] button.
The vocoder will be turned on, and the [VOCODER] button will blink.
Even if the vocoder is turned off for a program, pressing this button will turn the vocoder on. At
this time, the timbre that will sound is the timbre that is selected as the carrier in the Vocoder Edit
mode P06–1: CARRIER – LEVEL tab page "InSrc1" parameter.
Go to the Vocoder Edit mode P06–1: CARRIER –
LEVEL tab page.
Use "InSrc1" to select the timbre (Timbre 1–4) to
which you want to assign the vocoder.
For this example select Timbre 1.
Use "InSrc1Lvl" to adjust the volume of input source
In this example, set this to 127.
You can also use the front panel MIXER [SRC1] to set this.
Use "VcdLvl" to specify the volume when the vocoder is on.
In this example, set this to 64.
For details on each parameter, refer to p.104 "6. Vocoder Parameters."
Go to the Vocoder Edit mode P08: MODULATOR
Use the FILTER 1 [MODULATOR] button to select
Use "AudioSrc" to select the input source.
For this example select ExtIn2.


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