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4. Operation

Status Menu

The Status Menu is the system's top level display, which appears by default after the
DCS-200 boots up.
The figure below illustrates a sample Status Menu:
P R O G R A M :
Figure 4-8. Status Menu (sample)
The Status Menu provides information about the current input on Program (the button that
is lit solid), and the input that is next to be transitioned to Program (the button that is
blinking). The Status Menu always updates as "current" and "next" sources change.
Please note:
In the Status Menu, the variable fields are as follows:
Table 4-2. Status Menu Conventions
Hact x Vact @ Vr
*Hact x Vact @ Vr*
[Hact x Vact @ Vr]
[*Hact x Vact @ Vr*]
To return to the Status Menu from any point within the Setup Menu, press ESC
To display the Setup Menu from the Status Menu, press SEL.
102 4x768@59. 94
If Menu Context is
(in the User Preference Menu), selecting a different input
for the "next" transition automatically displays the Input Menu. This menu always
reflects the source currently on Program. To return to the Status Menu, press
ESC repeatedly.
If Menu Context is OFF, the Status Menu remains on display when you select a
different input.
Program Input Type — Specifies the type of input signal currently on Program.
Program Input Format — Indicates the current input video format, in the form:
Hact x Vact @ Vr Hz
1280x1024@60 Hz
If the currently selected input does not have a valid input signal, the Input Format
field displays Invalid Signal.
Please note the following conventions for displaying resolutions:
No symbols. The current format is an exact match from the table. The
format has not been "best guessed" or saved.
Asterisks. The format has been "best guessed."
Brackets. The exact table match has been saved.
Brackets plus Asterisks. The best guessed format has been saved.
— Program Input Type
— Program Input Format
— Next Input Type
N T S C ( 4 8 0 i )
— Next Input Format
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