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Barco DCS-200 User Manual: Input Format; Adjust On

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From the Input Menu, select the top Input Format line to view the "auto-acquired" format
for the selected input, or to change the format. The format is shown in the following form:
Please note the following important points:
In the Input Menu, the Adjust On field indicates whether any changes you make using the
Input Menu will be applied to the Preview or Program source.
For example, if you select Preview, as shown in the illustration below, and change the
Background, Color Balance, or other parameters using the Input Menu, you can view
DCS-200 • User's Guide
Hact x Vact @ Vr Hz
If you select an input and it does not have a valid signal, "Invalid Signal" appears.
If an input was previously valid and its signal is lost, the "Invalid Signal" message
When In Auto Acquire is
format for non-digital sources will be detected in the following search order:
The saved file as defined in the File Association Menu
The library of saved configurations for the selected input
Standard library formats as defined in Appendix A, in the
section on page 122
A best guess (to the closest video format in the library)
For digital sources, when In Auto Acquire is ON, the search order is:
The saved configuration file as defined in the File Association Menu
Your library of saved files
A direct measurement of the signal
If the video format is a "best guess" as determined by the "auto acquire" mode, it
is displayed (only in the Status Menu) within asterisks.
If you select an input that has been saved (using the Save Config function), the
video format is displayed (only in the Status Menu) within brackets.
[1024x768@59.94] This example is a saved "exact match" from the format
table (or library).
[*1024x768@59.90*] This example is a saved "best guess."
When In Auto Acquire is OFF, the system attempts to lock to the signal using the
configuration defined in the File Association Menu for each input channel. If the
input signal is too different from the saved configuration to be usable, the display
indicates "Invalid Signal."
(in the User Preferences Menu), the input video
4. Operation
Using the Setup Menu


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