Barco DCS-200 User Manual: Program; Reset; Save; Serial

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Remote Commands
Query Format: PREVIEW -?
Query Response: PREVIEW -i(input) -k -b
Description: Query only command for the input, key and black button status on
program. If the black, key, or scaler path is not present on program, then these
options are not returned.
Parameters: -i (input): 1 - 9
-k: key on preview
-b: black on preview
-l: logo on preview
-a: A or B path of scaler input on preview
Query Format: PROGRAM -?
Query Response: PROGRAM -i(input) -k -b
Description: Reset unit
Command Format: RESET [-f | -s ]
-f : factory reset
-s: soft reset
Query Format: N/A
Query Response: N/A
Description: System Save
Command Format: SAVE
Parameters: N/A
Query Format: N/A
Query Response: N/A
Description: Sets the serial port.
Command Format: SERIAL -b (baud) -p (parity/etc.) -h (handshaking)
Parameters: -b (baud): 0 - 9600, 1 - 38400, 2 - 57600, 3 - 115200 (default:
-p (parity/etc): 0 - N81, 1 - E71, 2 - O71, 3 - E72, 4 - O72 (default: N81)
-h (handshaking): 0 - off, 1 - on (default: on)
Query Format: SERIAL -? - (option letter)
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