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4. Operation
Using the Setup Menu
For information about adjusting these inputs, refer to the
page 60.)
The following functions are available:
The six "Active Area" values are initially filled in by the Auto Config command, or set to
their default values. You can adjust values for Analog RGB or YP
and decoded sources show values in brackets.
Please note:
The Timing Adjust Menu does not appear in the menu tree if
the analog input is being undersampled for the following
Auto Config — This function performs an automatic input configuration on the
analog source on Program. When Auto Config is selected, the DCS-200 finds
the first and last pixel on each edge of the selected input, and ensures (to the best
possible extent) that the entire image is visible. In addition, the system
automatically phases the input to determine the correct sampling phase.
Ensure that there are non-black pixels around the extreme
edges of your active video, in order for the image to be
properly sized by the Auto Config function. For example,
if you use a Windows desktop with a high luminance
background, the Auto Config function will be accurate. If,
on the other hand, you use a desktop image with a black
border, the image will not be properly sized.
Auto Config applies to analog input sources only. This
function is identical to the Auto Config function in the Image
Adjust Menu.
Sampling — select this function to change the sampling for the selected input.
Available values are: Oversample and 1:1 (default). Please note:
When 1:1 Sampling is selected, the system provides pixel-for-pixel
sampling, and generally better image quality.
When Oversample is selected, the system performs multiple samples
for every pixel, with a resulting "softer" image.
Oversample is only available for RGB and YP
All other input types have defined sample clocks that are inherently 1:1.
If the input is set to one of the other types, the value is [1:1].
Phase A, Phase B — These two selections are advanced features which enable
you to adjust the sample phase of the system's two scalers. Typically, they do not
need to be adjusted. Refer to the
for instructions.
When sampling is set to 1:1, values are the true timing measurements for the
analog RGB or YP
1920x1080p@60 (173.0 MHz)
1920x1200p@60 (193.25 MHz)
2048x1080p@60 (183.75 MHz)
"Adjusting Sample
Adjust" section on
analog inputs.
Phase" section on page 59
sources only. Digital
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