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Figure 4-4. System Initialization Message 4 (sample)
The "version" line in the above menu shows the software version that is currently installed.
This version number changes as software upgrades are released.
When you first start up a DCS-200 that has stored logos, a message like the one in the
following illustration appears during initialization:
LOGO1 loading. ..
Figure 4-5. LOGO Initialization Message (sample)
After system initialization is complete, the Status Menu appears.
Remember that there are three states for the buttons in the Inputs Section:
Remember also that when you press TAKE, the DCS-200 automatically flip-flops the
current source on Program with the "pending" source. Refer to the
section on page 85 for additional information.
DCS-200 • User's Guide
D C S - 2 0 0
Ba rco
V e r s i o n 1 . 0
I n i t i a l i z i n g . . .
Off — the input is not selected for a transition.
Blinking — the blinking status depends on the type of button:
For an input button:
When blinking fast, the input is being acquired by the system.
When blinking slow, the input is ready to be transitioned to
For an effect button (BLACK, KEY):
When blinking fast, the button's "auto take" mode is ON, and
the effect is currently transitioning on or off.
When blinking slow, the button's "auto take" mode is OFF, and
the effect is pending for the next transition.
Lit Solid — the input or the effect is on Program.
4. Operation

Button States



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