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4. Operation

Using the LOGO

A logo is a full-screen video source which, when transitioned to Program, appears on top
of all other sources. The DCS-200 can store up to three logos in non-volatile memory.
The DCS-200 enables you to transition to or from a full-screen logo, in the same way that
you transition to or from video inputs. When you press TAKE, the system transitions the
selected logo to or from Program at the current transition rate, and the sources flip-flop in
the manner described in the
Please note the following important points:
Figure 4-62. Transition to LOGO from Source Plus Key
Figure 4-63. LOGO Output Resolution Message (sample)
Figure 4-64. LOGO Error Message (sample)
If a source and a key are already on Program, both will dissolve out as the logo
dissolves in. The figure below illustrates this transition:
Digital Key Source
Input 1
Transition Time
If a key is enabled in the input source, and you save the source as a logo, the key
becomes part of the stored logo.
A logo will be labeled INVALID if it was captured at a resolution that does not
match the current output resolution The resolution at which it was captured will
also be displayed — e.g., [INVALID 1600x1200].
If you scroll to an invalid logo, the LOGO button cannot be activated. The
following message will appear.
T h i s s t o r e d L O G O d o e s
no t match the current
output resolu tion.
P l e as e c a p tu r e a ga in .
If LOGO is selected when there are no saved or valid logos, the following
message will appear:
No saved or valid
logos a va ilable
f o r d i s p l a y
Mode" section on page 85.
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