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Problem Solving; Problem Solving Chart - Xerox WorkCentre XD100 User Manual

Xerox workcentre xd100: user guide
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Problem Solving

Problem Solving Chart

The following chart lists some conditions that may occur and the
recommended solutions. Follow the suggested solutions until the problem
is corrected. Refer to the Status Code Chart in this section for status code
information. If the problem persists, please refer to the Information
section for the appropriate telephone numbers.
Ready indicator
does not light.
Copies are too
light or too dark.
Smears, lines,
marks, or spots
on copies.
Copy image is
Blank copies.
Suggested solutions
Check that the WorkCentre is plugged into an
electrical receptacle.
Ensure that there is power to the receptacle
and that the WorkCentre power is in the ON
If the original is light, select the lower copy
contrast position to darken the background of
the copies.
If the original is dark, select the upper copy
contrast position to lighten the background of
the copies.
If defects are on the original, press the copy
contrast key to lighten the background of your
If no defects are on the original, clean the
document glass and underside of the
document cover. (Refer to WorkCentre
If the above solutions do not help, clean the
corotron wire. (Refer to WorkCentre Care.)
Ensure that original is positioned correctly on
document glass.
Check that copy paper is loaded correctly.
Ensure that the original is face down on the
document glass.
Check for a broken corotron wire. Refer to
WorkCentre Care section for the location of
the corotron wire.

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