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Xerox WorkCentre Xi70c User Manual

Xerox workcentre xi70c: user guide
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Xi70c User Guide



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  Summary of Contents for Xerox WorkCentre Xi70c

  • Page 1 Xi70c User Guide 701P99508 4/99...
  • Page 2: Fcc Compliance In The Usa

    XEROX®, The Document Company®, and the stylized X are registered trademarks of Xerox Corporation and Xerox Canada Ltd. is a licensee of all the trademarks. Product names used in this guide may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies and hereby acknowledged.
  • Page 3 Supplies To order supplies for your WorkCentre, call or visit your local retailer. If your store does not stock these items, you may call: Xerox SupplyNet toll free at: 1 – 800 – 822 – 2200 Black Cartridge – 8R7903...
  • Page 4 1 – 800 – TEAM – XRX (1 – 800 – 832 – 6979) À l´extérieur des États-Unis et du Canada, veuillez communiquer avec votre représentant Xerox. It's Illegal In the USA It is against US law to copy copyrighted material without permission of the copyright owner unless the copying falls within the "Fair Use"...
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Safety Notes... 1 Helpful Hints ... 3 Unpacking ... 4 Getting to Know Your WorkCentre... 5 Installation ... 7 Removing shipping material... 7 Installing paper trays ... 7 Loading paper ... 8 Connecting your WorkCentre ... 9 Choosing a language ...
  • Page 6 Table of Contents Copying extra-large documents ... 40 Xi70c Bypass Tray ... 41 Using your WorkCentre as a Printer ... 42 Customizing your print output ... 42 Information about the driver settings... 43 Selecting WorkCentre as your output device... 44 On-line Documentation ...
  • Page 7: Safety Notes

    Safety Notes Your WorkCentre and supplies have been designed and tested to meet strict safety requirements. These include safety agency examination and approval and compliance to established environmental standards. Please read the following instructions carefully before operating the WorkCentre and refer to them as needed to ensure the continued safe operation of your WorkCentre.
  • Page 8 Always keep the document cover closed during operation and storage. If you need safety information concerning the WorkCentre Xi or Xerox supplied materials, you may call the following toll-free number. In the United States or Canada: 1-800-828-6571...
  • Page 9: Helpful Hints

    Wrap partially-used reams of paper tightly. WorkCentre location For reliable WorkCentre operation and copy quality, Xerox recommends: Place your WorkCentre in a well-ventilated room, positioning it so that you do not block any ventilation slots or openings, as described in the safety notes.
  • Page 10: Unpacking

    Unpacking Important: Keep the carton and all the packing materials in case you have to repack or ship your WorkCentre. As soon as you have unpacked your WorkCentre and its accessories, check that all the parts have been delivered and are undamaged. The packing carton should contain: Your WorkCentre Two print cartridges (color and black) Installation and software application CDs...
  • Page 11: Getting To Know Your Workcentre

    Getting to Know Your WorkCentre The following illustrations show the main parts of your WorkCentre: those which you should familiarize yourself with before continuing Installation. Front view 1 Print cartridge carriage (in loading position with cartridges inserted) 2 Control panel 3 Output tray / with bypass for Xi70c 4 Input tray 5 Paper jam release...
  • Page 12 Getting to Know Your WorkCentre Rear/Side view Power cord socket WorkCentre serial number 10 Parallel cable port 11 Main ON/OFF switch...
  • Page 13: Installation

    Installation Removing shipping material 1. Raise the document cover, remove the sheet of cardboard from the document glass and then close the document cover. 2. Raise the scanner module to access the print cartridge carriage area. 3. Remove the tape that blocks the print cartridge carriage in its rest position, pulling on the red REMOVE BEFORE USE tab.
  • Page 14: Loading Paper

    Installation (continued) Loading paper 1. Raise the output tray, to simplify access to the automatic feeder. 2. Pull out the adjustable paper length guide on the input tray and make sure that its adjustable side guides are completely open. Note the maximum fill indicators on the side guides.
  • Page 15: Connecting Your Workcentre

    Installation (continued) Connecting your WorkCentre 5. Lower the output tray to its operating position. During WorkCentre operation, the side guides on the output tray must remain open and the paper length guide should be positioned to accommodate the paper size used (LETTER, LEGAL, A4 are marked on the paper length guide).
  • Page 16: Choosing A Language

    Installation (continued) Choosing a language Press OK button for English Press > or < navigation button for a different language and confirm it by pressing the OK button. The LCD will now show INSERT CARTRIDGES. Installing print cartridges 5. Press the ON/OFF switch, on the left side of your WorkCentre to switch it Your WorkCentre will take a few moments to execute an initialization...
  • Page 17 Installation (continued) 4. With the gold-colored electrical contacts facing the rear of the WorkCentre, install the print cartridge in the right-hand location, making sure that the top of the print cartridge matches the corresponding label on the adjacent cover. 5. To seat the print cartridge correctly, push it down and towards the rear of machine until it clicks into place.
  • Page 18: Aligning The Print Cartridges

    Installation (continued) The LCD shows PLEASE WAIT followed by PRINTHEADS INITIALIZATION while the WorkCentre initializes the print heads (this takes at least one minute). As soon as the initialization cycle is completed, the WorkCentre will execute the print cartridge alignment. If you have trouble with the print cartridge installation see the Maintenance section in this User’s Guide.
  • Page 19 Installation (continued) 7. The LCD shows ALIGNMENT CONFIRMATION. The WorkCentre prints another test piece entitled “Alignment confirmation” and then exits automatically to READY. This function (ALIGN PRINT HEAD) is generally run from the tool menu; it can also be operated from the Printer Monitor once the WorkCentre printer driver is installed (see Printer Monitor), but it must then be followed on the control panel.
  • Page 20: Control Panel

    Control Panel The control panel has buttons and lights that are used to control and display the conditions of the WorkCentre. The messages on the LCD indicate the current operating condition of your WorkCentre. Buttons and light indicators 1 - Copy Quality Button In standby: selects an image quality value.
  • Page 21 Control Panel (continued) JAM light indicator (center) Signals paper jam on = jam detected off = jam removed/no jam B/W CARTRIDGE light indicator (right) Signals ink level low or no cartridge present on = low ink or no cartridge off = cartridge detected PAPER light indicator (lower center) On copy/print command, tests for paper on = no paper detected...
  • Page 22 Control Panel (continued) Copy Features Button Accesses the functions in the Copy Features menu. TOOLS Button The Tools menu contains a series of control functions that allow you to maintain the efficiency of your WorkCentre. How to access With the WorkCentre in stand-by (READY TO COPY...100%...1), press the Tools button on the control panel.
  • Page 23 Control Panel DEFAULT SET Pressing OK on the control panel when this function is displayed on the LCD allows you to set customized default values. When you press OK, the LCD will show START DEFAULT and the first default value flashes. LCD message START DEFAULT AUTO CLEAR TIME...
  • Page 24 Control Panel (continued) PRINT DEFAULT PAGE Pressing OK on the control panel when this function is displayed on the LCD makes a copy of the document currently on the document glass. The LCD displays COPYING... during the operation. PRINT TEST PAGE Pressing OK on the control panel when this function is displayed on the LCD prints a test page.
  • Page 25: Liquid Crystal Display (Lcd)

    Control Panel (continued) 10 – Color or Black/White toggle button Selects type of job output. Two light indicators above button: color on = color copy b/w on = b/w copy 11 - Button with light indicator START Starts a copy job Can also be used to pause a print job in order to initiate a copy job.
  • Page 26: Software Installation

    Software Installation Your WorkCentre has been shipped with the software needed to perform printing, scanning and PC fax. It includes award winning Pagis Pro 2.0 and MGI PhotoSuite software. Windows Operating Systems 3.1x, 95, 98, and NT4.0 are supported. Windows 3.1x users are supported by TextBridge Pro.
  • Page 27: Software Installation Procedure (Windows Environment)

    3. Click the Cancel button on the screen. 4. Insert the CD in the CD drive of your computer; the installation program starts automatically. Click on Xerox WorkCentre Software; then follow the instructions displayed on your computer screen, choosing the drivers you wish to install.
  • Page 28 The language directory opens to show “\printer” and “\scanner”. Select “printer” and click OK. “Xerox WorkCentre Series Xi” is now in the List of Printers in the Add Unlisted or Updated Printer dialogue box. Click OK; installation of the printer driver starts.
  • Page 29 Software Installation (continued) The WorkCentre driver icon will be inserted automatically in the Printers folder/group in Settings/Program Manager. It allows immediate access to the Printer Monitor, Scanner Monitor, On-line Documentation, Uninstaller and information files whenever these are required. You can now access and use all the features of your WorkCentre.
  • Page 30: Loading Application Software

    5. A Choose Destination Location dialogue appears. Browse for a new destination directory only if necessary. Otherwise, accept the default destination directory: C:\Program Files\Xerox\Pagis. 6. Click Next. 7. Choose the set-up you prefer. Select ‘typical setup’ unless you are an advanced user and would like to choose the options to install.
  • Page 31 Software Installation 12. It is recommended that you update the Pagis Index – this will update the default Pagis Index so your documents can be easily retrieved. Note: This may take several minutes. 13. Restart your computer. When Windows Bar and Send To Bar should appear on your desktop. Now that you have installed Pagis Pro 2.0, here are a few tips for setting up your desktop: You can place your Tool Bar anywhere on your Windows...
  • Page 32: Dos Environment

    Software Installation DOS environment Although optimized for operation in a Windows will also operate in DOS, recognizing PCL III + command codes. This means that you can print from any DOS application that supports this command code set. The installation CD supplied with your printer also contains a printer set- up utility program (CONFIG.EXE), which allows you to personalize the printer settings, if your application driver does not already contain the settings you require.
  • Page 33 Software Installation Parameter (Identifier) 1- CP 437 International Charset 2 - PC 8 Denmark/Norway 3 - CP 850 Multilingual 4 - ECMA-94 Latin 1 5 - Roman 8 6 - Legal 7 - ISO 2 - IRV 8 - ISO 4 - United Kingdom 9 - ISO 6 - ASCII 10 - ISO 10 - Sweden 11 - ISO 11 - Sweden Names...
  • Page 34: Uninstalling Software

    Software Installation (continued) Uninstalling Software If you have problems printing or scanning that are not solved with normal care operations, it may be necessary to re-install the driver(s). To do this, you must first uninstall the driver(s), by clicking on the specific Uninstall icon(s) created when you first loaded the software.
  • Page 35: Copy/Print Media

    Copy/Print Media Paper formats and types Your WorkCentre can handle the following: 1. Paper sizes: Format Size Single Sheets A4 size 8.27 x 11.7 in 210 x 297 mm A5 size 5.85 x 8.27 in 148.5 x 210 mm U.S. letter 8.5 x 11 in 216 x 279 mm U.S.
  • Page 36 Copy/Print Media Format Size 4.92 x 6.93 in 125 x 176 mm B6 Envelope 6.93 x 9.84 in 176 x 250 mm Monarch 3.875 x 7.50 in 98.43 x 190 mm User-defined Minimum 3.875 x 5.85 in 98.43 x 148.5 mm Maximum 8.5 x 14 in 215.9 x 355.6 mm...
  • Page 37 Copy/Print Media 2. Paper types: For optimum printing quality, you should always use the printing media specifically indicated by the manufacturer (see Supplies for recommended media types). Use of non-recommended printing media may result in incorrect paper feed and/or poor print quality. Plain Use good quality, bond office or inkjet paper.
  • Page 38: Driver Settings

    Copy/Print Media 3. Paper weights Cut sheet paper Accepted paper cut sheet weight: Recommended paper cut sheet weight: Envelope Accepted envelope weight: Recommended envelope weight: Note card Accepted note card weight: Recommended note card weight: Banner Accepted banner weight: Recommended banner weight: Transparencies Use transparencies specified for inkjet printers.
  • Page 39: Precautions

    Copy/Print Media Precautions Sub-standard paper can affect the quality of printing. Make sure the paper feeds smoothly, and that it is not held too tightly or too loosely. The paper/envelope must not be curled, crumpled or torn, otherwise it may jam or even not feed. Always use paper in perfect condition and within the specifications defined.
  • Page 40: Clearing Paper Jams

    Copy/Print Media Clearing paper jams 2. Remove the paper from the input tray, and check it for imperfect/damaged sheets of paper that must be removed. 7. Reload paper in the input tray and re-insert the output tray. (continued) 1. Remove any documents from the output tray and then remove the output tray itself.
  • Page 41: Using Your Workcentre As A Copier

    Using your WorkCentre as a Copier Simple copying With your WorkCentre installed and switched on with READY TO COPY on the LCD: 4. Select the number and type of copies you require using the control panel (see next section for more details). 5.
  • Page 42: Customizing Your Copy Output

    Using your WorkCentre as a Copier (continued) Customizing your copy output You can customize your copy output directly from the Control Panel or by changing the Default Settings in the Copy Features menu as explained later in this section. Using the Control Panel Selections made directly from the control panel are not memorized and will be lost if you press the Clear button twice, after the time-out set in the Default menu (Auto Clear Time) or when you switch off your WorkCentre.
  • Page 43 Using your WorkCentre as a Copier Auto automatic adjustment of the original to a full page on the output copy, with allowance for default margins. (LCD shows 93% for LETTER, 94% for A4) Customer zoom R/E/ Poster/ Clone function 100% Default setting, can be changed.
  • Page 44 Using your WorkCentre as a Copier Using the Copy Features menu The Copy Features menu contains a number of parameters that you may wish to customize for your standard output. Once you have selected and confirmed the settings you require, these can be memorized as default values and will be restored whenever you switch on or restart your WorkCentre.
  • Page 45 Using your WorkCentre as a Copier How to exit To exit from the Copy Features menu, press the EXIT button (5) on the control panel. The parameter choices selected and confirmed with OK will remain valid until you select and confirm another value. The LCD will show READY TO COPY...100%...1 How to restore the factory default values You can restore the original default values at any time, selecting the...
  • Page 46: Copying Extra-Large Documents

    Using your WorkCentre as a Copier Copying extra-large documents (continued) If the document you wish to copy does not fit on the document glass, you can remove the document cover, lifting it straight upwards. You will be able to copy ONLY the part of the document that is actually on the document glass.
  • Page 47: Xi70C Bypass Tray

    Using your WorkCentre as a Copier Xi70c Bypass Tray The exit tray doubles as a feed tray for up to five standard weight (80 gr/m ) sheets of media and can be used to insert media that is different in type and size from those in the main feeder. Special media and envelopes should be fed one at a time.
  • Page 48: Using Your Workcentre As A Printer

    Using your WorkCentre as a Printer To use your WorkCentre as a printer, you must first: 1. Install it completely (see Installation AND Software Installation) 2. Make sure that it is switched on and on-line (the light indicator between the PC and WorkCentre symbols on the control panel must be ON and the LCD must show READY TO COPY.
  • Page 49: Information About The Driver Settings

    Using your WorkCentre as a Printer 2. Click the Paper/Output tab. The screen that opens contains all of the parameters that allow you to set up your print job. A full description of these features is given in the on-line documentation loaded when you installed your printer driver.
  • Page 50: Selecting Workcentre As Your Output Device

    Using your WorkCentre as a Printer Selecting WorkCentre as your output device As a rule, you will have already defined the WorkCentre as your default output device when you installed the printer driver. If you did not, you can do so now: In Windows 3.1/3.11: 1.
  • Page 51: On-Line Documentation

    Using your WorkCentre as a Printer (continued) On-line Documentation The installation CD containing the WorkCentre driver software also contains On-line Documentation. This documentation contains additional information on the WorkCentre features and functions, and print cartridge and paper handling. It is structured in two parts: How do I and Troubleshooting.
  • Page 52: Printer Monitor

    Using your WorkCentre as a Printer Printer Monitor What is the Printer Monitor The Printer Monitor is an on-screen aid with an extensive, user-friendly HELP feature. It contains a series of functions that are designed to help you during the use of your WorkCentre as a printer. It can be viewed by clicking on the specific icon and allows you to: view the printer operating status on your PC screen during a print job.
  • Page 53 Using your WorkCentre as a Printer Printer Monitor features Job Status Click on the Job Status tab at the top of the screen to display the current condition of the WorkCentre (printing, idle, error condition). Printer Care tab Click the Printer Care tab at the top of the screen, to access the following care functions: Ink cartridge: Two images (one for each print cartridge)
  • Page 54 Using your WorkCentre as a Printer (continued) How Do I Click How do I to open the On-line help feature. This feature explains, in a series of specific topics (“How to handle...paper, print cartridges”, etc.), how to operate your printer successfully. Troubleshooting Click Troubleshooting to open the On-line troubleshooting feature.
  • Page 55: Using Your Workcentre As A Scanner

    Using your WorkCentre as a Scanner To use your WorkCentre as a scanner, you must first: Install it completely (see Installation AND Software Installation) Make sure that it is switched on and is on-line (the light indicator between the PC and WorkCentre symbols on the control panel must be ON and the LCD must show READY TO COPY.
  • Page 56: Maintenance

    Maintenance Your WorkCentre is designed to require only minimum maintenance. However, everyday use will give rise to the need for a number of simple care operations. General care See Safety Notes and Helpful Hints at the beginning of this manual. Print cartridge care and precautions Always keep the print cartridges sealed in their containers until they are to be used.
  • Page 57: Replacing The Print Cartridges

    Maintenance (continued) Replacing the print cartridges 2. Press the appropriate lever to release the required cartridge. 3. Pulling upwards by the thumb and finger grip, remove the required cartridge. 4. Insert a new print cartridge of the SAME type (black and/or color). See Inserting the print cartridges for the complete print cartridge insertion procedure (including the Align function).
  • Page 58: Cleaning The Print Cartridges

    Maintenance (continued) Make sure the print cartridge carriage is in the cartridge loading position (right side of the machine, with release levers accessible). Check that the print cartridge/seat is clean and free of foreign material. Make sure you are inserting the print cartridge in the correct seat. NEVER force the print cartridge into the seat;...
  • Page 59 Maintenance (continued) 3. Re-insert the print cartridge in the printer and close the scanner module. 4. Run the Print test page to check the print quality. Clean the print jets. This operation should ONLY be attempted as a last resort, before changing the print cartridge.
  • Page 60: Moving Your Workcentre

    Maintenance (continued) Moving your WorkCentre If you should need to move or relocate your WorkCentre, follow these precautions: Always make sure that the print cartridge carriage is in its rest position. To ensure this, always switch off your WorkCentre BEFORE switching off your PC.
  • Page 61: Troubleshooting

    Input PAPER light indicator is flashing. Paper Jam light is on Solution Check the box thoroughly. Contact your Xerox help line immediately. Check that the WorkCentre is connected properly to the electrical power supply socket. Check that the WorkCentre is switched on.
  • Page 62: Problems With Print

    Media is not feeding or misfeeding into WorkCentre Media is not exiting the WorkCentre Printout is slanted or skewed Problems with print Lines / dots are missing or faint from the copied/printed characters Problems when printing Print test did not run Check that the size and weight of the paper you are using are within the limits allowed.
  • Page 63 WorkCentre produces a blank page Incorrect text/image placement on page: Colors not aligned correctly Text or graphics are cut off at the edges of the page Poor print quality: Printout is faded or colors are Colors are bleeding/ smearing into each other Character outlines in the text are not smooth appropriate button in the Printer Care tab in...
  • Page 64 White streaks Page content is incomplete / incorrect: Meaningless characters Wrong fonts printed Colors not reproduced correctly Printing job is taking too long document. Using TrueType fonts you can ensure that your WorkCentre is able to print smooth character outlines. When selecting a font for your document, look for the TrueType icon.
  • Page 65: Problems When Copying

    Problems when copying No pages copied/ Blank page copied Settings made on control panel are not retained when the Clear/Stop button is pressed or when the WorkCentre is switched on Copying job is taking too long the print queue by double clicking your WorkCentre printer icon.
  • Page 66 Poor quality copies: Copies are faded, colors are dull or white streaks Repetitive patterns are visible on the copy Paper wrinkled and very wet Incorrect image placement on page or edges cut off Copies are crooked Problems when scanning Preview of the scanned document does not appear on screen.
  • Page 67: Problems When Scanning

    Check Problems with Print in Troubleshooting section. The scanner lamp requires replacing. Call your local Xerox help line. DO NOT attempt to change the lamp yourself. Your Xerox Twain driver allows you to differentiate between images types. Always select the type that corresponds to or most closely fits the image you wish to scan.
  • Page 68: Status And Error Messages

    Status and Error Messages Status messages WorkCentre status Stand-by mode - Off-line condition stand-by stand-by and power saver condition sleep Copy mode - Off-line condition copying Print mode - On-line condition PC connected Printing Copy operation started during a print job Copying while a print job is paused ON LINE button pressing during a print job...
  • Page 69: Status Codes

    Status Codes WorkCentre Status Code System Error 1 System Error 2 System Error 3 System Error 4,5 System Error 6 System Error 7 Solution Check that nothing is blocking the print cartridge carriage. Switch off WorkCentre, wait five seconds, then switch on again. If “SYSTEM ERROR 1”...
  • Page 70: Error Messages

    Error messages WorkCentre status Stand-by mode - Off-line condition Cover open Change cartridge and close cover no print cartridges (both) no black print cartridge no color print cartridge Other brand of print cartridge Copy mode - Off-line condition Cover open Paper jam no paper/paper misfeed Wrong print cartridge...
  • Page 71: Product Characteristics

    Product Characteristics Basic Features Description Scanner warm-up Time Output Technique Print cartridges Paper Handling Automatic Feeder Capacity (A4/Letter size) Bypass Feeder Capacity Output Tray Capacity Paper Type Paper Weight Desk-top color copier, flatbed scanner and thermal ink-jet printer with PC software drivers From power off: 45 seconds From lamp at power save: 15 seconds For best results: 3 min...
  • Page 72 Paper Size Graphic Resolution Product Certification Recommended Operating Environment Sound level Electrical Characteristics Physical Characteristics Copier Module Copying Speed Black: Color Counter Multicopies Auto start Printer Module Single sheets: A4, A5, US Letter, US Legal, US Executive, A6, B5, Folio, Statement Envelopes: COM-10, DL, C6, C5, B6, B5 Envelope, Monarch Note cards: 4 x 6 in, 5 x 8 in, A6...
  • Page 73 Throughput Resident Emulation Printer Memory Interface Scanner Module Technology Light source Scanning method Scan speed B/W, Grayscale Color Max. scan size Software modules Note: This value may vary depending on the print mode, the software application and/or the type of computer used.
  • Page 74: One Year Limited Hardware Warranty

    One Year Limited Hardware Warranty If you are not satisfied with the performance of the Xerox WorkCentre Xi70c covered by this warranty, Xerox warrants that, upon your request, it will be repaired or replaced, at your option, during the warranty period.
  • Page 75 Improper return shipping, packaging or shipping damage is not covered, unless the unit is packaged and shipped in accordance with Xerox replacement procedures or via an authorized Xerox Service Access Center.