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Printer Driver Software Installation

The printer driver software is the program which runs the printer. It
converts the data in the file you want to print into information that the printer
can understand. It also controls communication between the printer and
computer as the data is printed.
You will need the following PC hardware and software in order to use the
printer driver:
Computer type
Operating system
IEEE-1284 parallel
Note: If you are using some of the computer's memory as a RAM drive,
the printer driver may not be able to allocate the correct amount of
memory. In such a case, reduce the size of the RAM disk, or do not use
a RAM disk.
If your PC does not have a CD-ROM Drive:
If you have access to a computer with a CD-ROM drive and a floppy disk
drive, the WorkCentre XD CD-ROM has a program to create a set of
installation diskettes.
There are several options available to you. Refer to the order sheet that is
packaged with the WorkCentre XD. This sheet explains how you can:
order floppy diskettes from Xerox.
download the necessary software from the WEB.
Note: Refer to Creating WorkCentre XD Floppy Disk Installation
Diskettes section in this User Guide for instructions on making your own
floppy diskettes.
Installation Notes:
The Printer Driver Installation software cannot be installed using the
Control Panel/Printers for Win 3.1x or the Add Printer Wizard for Win
95/98/NT4.0. Please use one of the following methods depending on your
operating system.
WorkCentre XD Series
IBM PC/AT or Compatible Computer
Windows 3.1x, Windows 95/98,
Windows NT 4.0
486DX 66 MHz or better
8 MB or more
To ensure reliability use the IEEE-1284
compliant parallel cable that is supplied with
the machine. Only cables labeled "IEEE-1284"
can be used with your WorkCentre.

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Table of Contents

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